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[REQ] Redstone Security Circuit

redstone security circuit

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Posted 04 July 2013 - 05:08 AM

So, I've been building redstone machines for a while and they've slowly become more complex and integrated and recently when attempting to build a compact four faced analog clock which i don't think anyone has tried but the issue I've been having is people breaking in on servers I'm building on and messing with things I've constructed.

So, Has anyone made a Security Circuit that could be attach to any redstone circuit such as piston doors, lights and various other objects. Which when active would overwrite the normal function of the circuit and would make them useable until the security circuit is reset and not the separate circuits that are attach to the alarm.

As for outputs and inputs, I'm suggesting a code input with a manual lever release just encase with outputs for normal circuits and then of course alarm lights and sounds.
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