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1.7 new biome?

new biome 1.7 coral reefs visible fish better oceans

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  • Minecraft: Deereboy1998

Posted 02 July 2013 - 06:17 PM

Hi guys so recently I was searching through the MC files and I found a texture for a coral reef. It was very similar to leaves. I really like the idea of coral reefs in the game especially considering oceans right now are so...unfinished. Also I remember during my science class learning about different kinds of biomes. The one that caught my attention was CORAL REEFS. It is actually a real biome, just like plains, oceans, extreme hills, taiga, etc... Coral reefs would be prefect for minecraft. A use for coral reefs would be fish bait. All you have to do is harvest a coral reef and put it into the crafting table and you got 3 fish bait. Then you put you fishing pole and your fish bait in the crafting table and you “bait your hook.” This makes a lot more sense than fishing with no bait. Also I though that coral reefs could grow kinda like sugar cane, they could grow up to 3 blocks high, but they could not grow side ways. Also I think to make coral reefs look even cooler we need visible fish. Notch originally planned on adding visible fish to the game when he added fishing poles, but he did not have the time to complete them. Why can't we have visible fish now? It's been over 2 years! Fishing and catching an invisible fish just seems stupid to me. It makes no sense. Mojang said 1.6 would have a new biome, but since that didnt happen 1.7 might possibly have this new biome, and it may be coral reefs. Please comment and share your thoughts. Do you think this new biome will be coral reefs? Should we have visible fish? Should we have fish bait so we aren't fishing with no bait and magically having fish bite on our line with no bait? Share your thoughts and thanks for reading!

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  • Minecraft: psychofuzzypanda

Posted 19 September 2013 - 05:03 AM

coral reefs would be very cool,I'd love to see that in minecarft!
I would not support the idea of having to bait your hook to fish however, it would be too much of a hassle and would discourage players from fishing, which would be a sad thing with all of the new fishing mechanics coming out (and you can fish without bait, it's just harder).
also I think this topic would belong better in the suggestions thread.
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