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Minecraft Clothing Mod

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Posted 30 June 2013 - 01:08 AM

Minecraft Clothing Mod

Don't You Think There Should Clothes in Minecraft?
For Instance,Do Golden Shoes and Diamond Pants with a Leather Chest Plate,Look too...
Slim,Fat,Black,White...Whatever You Think,Look just Bad?
Do You want HD but not Over Done skins/armor,but don't want ones POORLY done?
Well Maybe there Will Be a Mod,It could be made from Feathers and Wool,and Enchanted For Special Abilities like Comfort,Which Could Make You Not Have to Eat or Cycle time by Sleeping In a Bed (Napping),
Special Kinds Could Create Portals or Make...SWEAT Maybe? I don't Really Know,I just Want to See How many wanted it,So Many people ask Each Other,How do I look when They Put Amor or Enchanted Items on there Head/Body (Used with /hat on Some Servers) 8-) When There Are Some Mods Out There That Do this,They Don't Give Users The Power They Want D

IDEAS(I need Ideas Posted Image)(
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Help me And My By Giving a Internet! :D (Doesn't Cost anything Either)
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