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YODO - Team Parkour Map

yodo parkour like wizards map

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Posted 28 June 2013 - 09:45 PM


Check this post as it contains screenshots:

You Only Die Once (YODO): Is a parkour map designed to be played with multiple people.

I created this small map since I was rather bored. I'd actually enjoy watching any videos of people playing it and would be honored to see them. I'd also put them on this page.

I suppose I wrote the lore as a joke to see what I could get to fit with it. Sometime I'll see if I can add more tracks to take and extend it so it's longer and alot more challenging. For now you can try out some of the different challenges. (see below.)

For Minecraft 1.5.2: http://www.mediafire...ly_Die_Once.rar

- Keep it on Peaceful mode!
- Use Derivation Texture Pack! (It just looks nice and I used it to make the map!)
- Have the maximum of 7 players, minimum of 1 (Excluding yourself.)
- Disable Mods or use an unmodded client.
- Make sure keepInventory is set to True. (You don't loose team gear.)
- You put on your Team Coloured Gear. (extra is provided if more players are with you.)
- Read the Lore Book and Help Guide found in game.
- Play using Minecraft 1.5.2


Guide to playing:
1.Organize yourself into each group. Decide to be on:
   Red, Blue, Yellow or Green.
2.Put on the designated gear already provided. (You will find them in the chest.)
3.Hit the button to keep inventory.
4.Decide if you will be playing Easy, Normal or Hardmode.

Easy: Unlimited Lives (recommended for beginner players)
Normal: 3 Lives
Hard: 1 Life. (recommended for experienced players)

5.Once everything is organized and all members are ready. Head to the pressure
   pad in the glass chamber, centre of the emerald room.
6.You should be teleported, if not refer to the ingame guide for co-ordinates.
7.Make sure you all have stepped on both pads in the centre to set your spawn point up top.
8.Countdown to tell each other when to go. (either through Voice Chat or Ingame Chat.)
9.Try to reach the end.


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