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♛ NovaBlock ♛ [1.7.9] - Fantastic Survival-Economy Server NO LAG [Land/Chest Protection]✔[Anti-Grief]✔[NoLag]✔[Friendly]✔[Homes]

♛featured♛ premium land/chest protection anti-hack 24/7 no lag spigot homes friendly community grief protection build contests

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Posted Today, 05:11 PM

Really looking forward to our server updates, our developers have worked very hard to push these out.
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Posted Today, 05:37 PM

This server is so fun, and well well done.  I love the community.



Posted Today, 05:49 PM

Anyone wanna group together and work on something?  I'm looking for a new build partner

Is the server currently hiring for staff?  I'm interested but not sure how to go about it.



Posted Today, 05:58 PM

Hey is it still possible to qualify for the $2,500 bonus?  I joined last month but didn't ask for it.



Posted Today, 06:08 PM

Anyone wanna team up and go mining strip together?  I wan tto see how many diamonds I can get before the weekend is over.



Posted Today, 06:22 PM

Yes, there will be build contest coming up. Just follow us on the website and you will be informed.  We aren't currently looking for staff but you can apply once applications open if you've earned Honored rank by then.
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Posted Today, 06:35 PM

Offering new player control functionality when warpning from spawn, and giving players a chance to jump right into building with no wasted time!
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Posted Today, 06:51 PM

We will be introducing a new build contest featuring the selected theme. (Haze Days)  Come on by, start building and get ready for the contest!
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Posted Today, 07:01 PM

Okay so I registered on the website for member rank and to get a second home, how can I place it?



Posted Today, 07:13 PM

What's the quickest way I can teleport to a random spot?  I don't want to build near other ppl



Posted Today, 07:31 PM

Hey guys!! I'm going to start a new town and village to invite new players to build.  I think it will be really great but can I get it protected somehow?



Posted Today, 07:41 PM

Yes, we are offering $2,500 for all new members this weekend who post their IGN in the description below to be rewarded.  Happy Mining!
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Posted Today, 07:51 PM

Upgraded the launch pads in spawn!! Feel free to give them a try and launch yourself across the skies!
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Posted Today, 08:17 PM

Added color signs for all honored members as well as the ability to apply for staff on our forums.
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Posted Today, 08:26 PM

Hey there, I'm also interested in possibly becomming staff are you hiring now ? Also when will we be able to warp south again?



Posted Today, 08:37 PM

If I donate do I get the rewards instantly?  It seems the owner isn't online at the moment so I was curious.



Posted Today, 08:47 PM

Hey If I'm griefed will I lose all my stuff? That happened to me on the last server I played



Posted Today, 09:01 PM

Hey the new market looks so awesome.  Will you be adding any more items?



Posted Today, 09:22 PM

What's the fastest way to earn in game money so I can shop at the market?



Posted Today, 09:33 PM

Donations are rewarded instantly
Grief is easily fixed by staff with our rollback security system.

As for earning $ you'll just have to find out yourself ^_^
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