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Minecraft Mob Ideas

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Posted 17 June 2013 - 03:35 PM

Hey everyone. This is basically my post with all the ideas I posted just now, only I had to divide it. These are Mob Ideas. Hope you like them.

Alligator- Could spawn in swamp biomes, drops leather and xp, hostile, and not be friendly towards any mob, other than other alligators, a great addition to water mobs.

Bunny- Could have two kinds-normal and snow, lives in plains, taiga , ice plains and forest, passive, and drops xp.

Squirrel- Could spawn in forest, eats acorns, passive, drops acorn xp and leather, and fast.

Bear- Could have two kinds-normal and snow, spawns in forest and taiga, hostile, and drops fish xp and cooked fish a rare drop.

Rat- Could spawn in any biome(except hell and sky), passive, and drops xp.

Bee- Could spawn in forest, jungle, and extreme hills, can be located in beehives from trees, hostile when close, and drops xp and rarely honey.

Frog- Could Spawn in swamp, hops around, passive, and drops xp.

Mole- Could spawn in holes, passive, and drops xp.

Pirate- Could spawn in ocean biome, lives on big boats(just made out of wood planks), has a crew of at least 4 or 5, strongest one is the pirate captain, uses similar skin as villagers, uses iron swords, hostile, kills any mob other than other pirates, and drops leather, xp and rarely an iron sword, also a rare chance of it being an enchanted sword, another great addition to water mobs.

Crab- Could spawn in beach and ocean biome, neutral, drops raw crab meat and xp.

I hope you like these ideas. Be sure to check out my other posts!
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