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Sticky Pistons not working right

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Posted 09 May 2013 - 05:30 PM

I have a server with 1.5g ram that I host through minecraftserver.net for myself and my kids to play on. I've recently put some mods on my server for the kids to enjoy and I've noticed that sticky pistons are now acting weird. When trying to activate them, sometimes they will work correctly, other times they will act as if they are stuck on something continuously trying to push past it but never succeeding, and then other times they just don't work at all.

The server is running 1.5.1

Here is a list of the mods the server is currently running.

Custom Mob Spawner 1.12.5
Dr. Zharks Mo' Creatures 5.1.5
ExtraBiomesXL 3.13.0
iChunUtil 1.0.1
Inventory Tweaks 1.54b
Iron Chest
More Bows 1.5.1
Portal Gun 1.5.1
Twilight Forest 1.17.2
Balkon's Weapon Mod

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