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Down To The Earth's Core

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    Out of the Water

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Posted 20 April 2013 - 09:22 PM

Down To The Earth's Core [WIP]


Did you ever want to dig deeper? Down to the earth's inner core? Look no further! While the surface of Minecraft remains almost the same, the underground world of Minecraft  will be completely transformed. You will get the opportunity to dig through the crust of the earth, into the mantle and outer core and, eventually, the inner core! This mod brings a lot of new reality aspects into the game, as well as some fantasy aspects. The first screenshots are down and I will eventually post the first playable download link of the inDev version! I really want to know the opportunity of you guys on this mod and I would like your input on it!


Mantle Rock:
Posted Image

Demonic Ore surrounded by Demonic Rocks:
Posted Image

Demonic Rock:
Posted Image

Everything until now:
Posted Image

Upcoming features:
- Emerald, Ruby and Sapphire ores, armors and tools
- Oil
- Salt, used to make more tasty food (healing more hungry)
- More kinds of carbon
- Stalagmite (or some other kind of crystal)
- Mantle Diamonds
- A tool to dig through the mantle and eventually some kind of special armor
- Demonic white and red dust or ore
- Demonic Armor and Tools
- 128 layers of underground exploring
- Eventually some other additions and probably some things that I forgot to mention Posted Image

Looking for modders!
Dear modders,I still need some help, I have some knowledge of Java coding but not enough to create this mod. If you are able to help me raising stone to 128 instead of 64 and if you know how to create new biomes or something else you think you can help me with, send me a message. Otherwise this mod will take a lot longer to create.

Please don't blame me for my grammar mistakes for I am from the Netherlands and English is not my mother language...
Please subscribe Posted Image

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