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xbox 360seeds mc xbox 360 seeds

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Posted 14 April 2013 - 10:21 AM

Hello fellow Mincrafters,
  I know you've all probably gotten tired of all the same 'ol same 'ol seeds like gargamel or walruswalruswalrus. So here I've come up with a few original seeds that I figured would add some change to what you see. Feel free to comment, I actually welcome it. Post your adventures of these seeds if you feel like it, add things I missed, share whatever you want about these seeds that will be helpful to the other users.
NOTE: There are no screen shots, I hope you will try these for yourself and see what they are like.

Name: Map11 (Yes, the Map11) 4/5
Village(s)- X:-411 Y:75 Z:-171 (NW)
Caves and Crevices - X:-59 y:66 Z:2
Decent map, a Cave Crawlers dee-light. With a sprawling cave system and several entrances around the village, this is guaranteed a great haul of iron and coal, plus the goodies such as, lapis, gold, and of course DIAMOND!! There is also a massive crevice with multiple cave systems in a camouflaged sand area (Cave). Snow to the SE and the Desert to the SW while the forest/plains/swamp lands cover the north side of the map

Name: Magic: The Gathering (Yep) 3/5
Village(s)- X:359 Y:73 Z:-180/ X:-204 Y:67 Z:-28/ X:36 Y:71 Z:-411/ X:-400 Y:64 Z:-220
Caves and Crevices- X:-82 Y:55 Z:-20/ X:48 Y:70 Z:-47
Good map to survive and thrive. Mostly wooded in central map with Plains to the SE, a Desert NE, Snow SW, and Ocean covering most the north with several islands dotting the area. Various caves spot the mainland, especially in the plains, which subdue the normal Mincrafters hunger. This map even includes a small mushroom biome (X:16 Y:106 Z:-311)

Name:  ..........  (That's 10 dots, periods, points, etc.)
Village(s)- None
Caves and Crevices- X:136 Y:69 Z:-284/ X:14 Y:67 Z:-300/ X:24 Y:66 Z:-188/ X:172 Y:73 Z:-262
Holy Crap is all I can say. This map blew my mind. This is for the adventurer, the miner, the mob slayer at the heart of every Minecrafter. Before I go into detail, the lay of the land. Most of the western map is Ocean with a few small islands NW. Central map I heavy wooded and I mean heavy. NE is the plains. These are very mountainous with many over hangs and rolling hills, a lot of which have small caves facing the ocean. The small caves are spotted on the hills facing the Ocean. Given the location of these caves and the fact that they're a dead end with little resources, this layout makes perfect for a network dwelling. With thinking, planning, and hard work, these caves could make one helluva hillside, or underground, home. The SE is shared by a small Desert and a small winter wonderland with another small Snow land in the SW. From the little bit of exploring I did I found two(2) dungeons, I will let you find them yourself. No fun in telling you where everything is. And the Coup de Gras is what I think of as Underground Awesomeness. This is a small hole in the ground, that once entered is a massive underground cave, I mean MASSIVE (X:196 Y:71 Z:4) the only downside to this map is no Villages.

I hope you enjoy and I will be adding more at least weekly. Thank You

     -Airman First Class

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