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survival hunger games map biomes 8+players if you want small but good size

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Posted 14 April 2013 - 03:55 AM

My small hunger games map Is finally done I spent ages making the map , I made it all by my self so please don't complain to much Posted Image I'm happy to say I'm releasing it before 0.7.0 cause originally it was gonna be released after 0.7.0 but I spent many hours in the map so I got it done Posted Image
This is my 8th custom map all the other maps will be below please download them and thanks for over 10000+ all together downloads on my maps Posted Image
I think that's all I have to say please read below Posted Image

DOWNLOAD- http://www.mediafire...cqjqx25307sv3so

Trailer /video -

Please subscribe to laino4664 on YouTube and support me by subscribing I'll try to make another map with the 0.7.0 features and it will be a 0.8.0 custom map Posted Image if you do make videos on this map please tell me so I can watch and please leave a link in your description to my channel if you want when you make a video Posted Image please download and share this map around Posted Image
And subscribe to laino4664
1. Do not use and mods or cheats only code hackers sprinting mod
2. Do not brake anything
3.do not leave the map only stay inside the glass dome
4. Do not add in any items
5.all must start in the starting arena and please spread yourself around the middle chest in your starting hole (you should know how it works )
6all start at the same time
7once you die please quit so others can still play
8if you die you can put fly in survival mod on and spectate
9you can team up
10 If you want you can have a grace period (it's where you can't attack people until it's done )
11 do not kill and mobs or brake any crops/food to eat only kill creeper,skeleton,zombie,spider
12 if you want any other rules add them yourself
13 if a creeper blows something up don't worry about it
14 once you have finished you can reinstall the map or add in items yourself to start again Posted Image
15 if you want to play with more people you can Posted Image just put 2 people in the spawn starting hole before you start
16 have fun Posted Image (I think that's all the rules) Posted Image
Please leave any feedback in the comments , helpful ones or bug/glitch/ support comments if there's anything wrong with the map you find tell me and I will fix it Posted Image
Mail- [email protected]
YouTube - laino4664
SKYPE -miclai64
Kik- miclai
TWITTER- micla64i
Thanks -Djurre Hoogterp for sending me the dome Posted Image
http://www.mediafire...fdb871m437rn8k2 - my main survival map
http://www.mediafire...137y9i7pk800qmp - the escape
http://www.mediafire...ife7zlwwfnhbh53 -zombie map
http://www.mediafire...bagokf8wzozdsjl -escapepe
http://www.mediafire...2u71k5gcj4p0ff1 - cave game
http://www.mediafire...yw1fka164bly277 - block quest
http://www.mediafire...wjz2n84tx32nlvh - Mario craft
http://www.mediafire...d3nd5ddk3ool4hr haunted

FIRST 1 - http://www.mediafire...mn7f8cw57tr5m05
( it's only a quick game I made in class it took me a while tho , the game is like a min long )
Music in trailer -Mastentz - Legacy

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