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looking for staff help cool rpg mods staff server pvp easy

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Posted 31 March 2013 - 11:39 PM

Hey Guys

Im making this post because I just need some staff to help me on the server, I already bought a host for 8 dollars but I can only get 12 players (thats the limit) so I just have 4 plots for staff and I am planning to make a huge faction, pvp, rpg server but I need donators so we are gonna start making the spawn and stuff also getting plugin help. So I only need you to fill this things out:

IGN (In game name):
Good at Technical Stuff:
How much time can you play on the server?:
Real Name:
How much have you been playing MC?:
Are you Admin on another server?:
Skype (needed):
Email (optional):
Facebook (optional)
Good at redstone?:
Good at Building?:

That's it guys I'll contact you if you are accepted.

Here is a sneek pic of the maps of revelations Craft!:

Posted Image

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  • Minecraft: Efrentheminer

Posted 01 April 2013 - 12:00 AM

4-8 hours a day
From 1.4.7
Forgot it but ill tell you it when I remember it
[email protected]
Hell yeah
Sort of



Posted 01 April 2013 - 12:18 AM

IGN (In game name):2wolverines
Good at Technical Stuff:I know almost ever command on any bukkit server.
How much time can you play on the server?:3+ hours a day :)
Real Name:Jack
How much have you been playing MC?:Since 1.0.0 i first got it then i have been playing it ever since
Are you Admin on another server?:I am in the process of making my own server, and i am currently Mod on 2 servers and Admin on 1
Skype (needed):Do i really need this? Cuz I dont have one :(
Email (optional):[email protected]
Facebook (optional)nope
Good at redstone?:I dont know much about the new stuff in 1.5.1
Good at Building?:Yes, i have helped build at least three spawns for different servers



Posted 01 April 2013 - 02:58 PM

I hope you don't mind that i made my own application Posted Image

ING: Katierie2001

Full first name: Katniss

Age: 18

How often do I play: Usually start up to shut down on the few days I've been on. Get on Minecraft often if college doesn't come between play time.

Description: Currently I'm attending college for a degree in paralegal studies to move on to law school for corporate or community law. I like giving back for everything I've been given, I can be selfish, and down right greedy at times, but I have a sense of direction in that I want to help those that aren't able to come to the fortune that was given to me by my family, and also myself. I believe in progression and that to live in the present or past is only blocking the future. I view things in the long run, not the mistakes from the past or just living in the moment, for now. I know there is more in store for myself and those around me because I will do everything in my power to achieve everything that is possible.

What will I do to help the server?: I do well at solving disagreements, as class president in highschool I listened to people's problems and did my best to solve things timely and effectively, and the same personality would be reflected on the server. Also I've got a creative mind that can come up with new building ideas that can shape the game and progress it further than it has come.

How many hours will I put into the server?: As much as I can.

What will I do to protect it?: First I will ensure that I know the rules to the best of my ability so I can project them on players and make sure everyone is playing safe and fair for the enjoyment of others. I don't like banning or muting, but if the need comes about, I don't find it a problem, but it's never my first option.

What plugins have I worked with?: I've never mastered any. On the servers I've played, I've messed around with the plugins but only as a member of the server, never staff.

Why do I want to join staff?: I'd like to join the staff mainly because the offer was put on the table. I haven't played the longest time, but I feel my time on the server will be long lived and my loyalty would be in that I'd only play on this server instead of seeking to be staff on other servers for self satisfaction like I see in so many players. I care about the players along with helping the server develop, I couldn't see myself trying to accomplish this large task on so many servers at once.

Thank you for putting your time and effort into making a server and taking time to read these applications I hope we will see each other soon!


P.S. I am applying for any options you have for me.

Have a good day!Posted Image