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Replicating Turtle Swarm

computer craft computercraft turtle replicating self build challenge

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Posted 30 March 2013 - 09:25 AM

Download Link changed to Vanilla minecraft version(same seed).

I recommend using Vanilla minecraft + Not Enough Items + Chicken Chunks (same author as NEI) + Inventory Tweaks + Computercraft(most updated version) + Optifine(if needed mostly for slower computers*Use standard edition*)

Teams are welcome(no maximum size!)

Fuel consumption = On
The world seed is:

Hey Minecrafters, interested in a bit of a challenge? This challenge is to be used with Vanilla minecraft + Not Enough Items + Chicken Chunks (same author as NEI) + Inventory Tweaks + Computercraft(most updated version) + Optifine(if needed mostly for slower computers*Use standard edition*).  Nothing else. There will not be a reward for who wins because there won't be a winner... Yes I did say it was a challenge though. You are given a pre-made world and you spawn in a house, that house has a furnace, chest, and a crafting table. I won't tell you what's in the chest, that's for you to find out.

Read This:
-When you first place the turtle, you can program it and you can only give it coal(or other fuel), and you can place up to three "3" Turtles(Each person on the team can place up to three *3* turtles the rest of the rules are the same).
-All of the other turtles have to be automatically placed and programmed.
-You can place as many COMPUTERS, and MONITORS as you need.
-If you work in a team, all of the team members must be given credit and must agree that they are on your team.
-One person cannot be on more than one team.(It is a challenge after all.

Your Goal: Self replicating turtles

How you do it: Up to you and your programming skills.

#01 Only the Turtles can gather any resources no quarry's or tunnel boring machines ect, or any other automated resource gathering machines, you can only use turtles.
#02 You can have automated assembly of items(I.e. turtles).
#03 After your first 3 turtles, all other turtles need to be automatically placed and started without the player interacting.
#04 Turtles must be fueled at all times.
#05 You can use any resources to your advantage. Even programming(you have to credit source/original author or where you got it)... But it is a competition, so you might want to keep some of it secret Posted Image
#06 Turtles must also keep the player safe from monsters. (Or just light up your area really good...)
#07 You must play with mobs. (Easy/Normal/Hard modes)
#08 (Not really a rule, more of a suggestion)Try to make it as lag free as possible.
#09 You must submit all of the code that you use, and it needs to be error free.
#10 All submission must be released completely(no partial releases, you must put a download link to the world).
#11 All buildings must be made by the turtles.

Make a system using turtles from Computercraft that can mine resources and drop them off then the resources need to be automatically crafted into more turtles that go out and do the same, but a question is stirring in your mind... How do they get fuel and refuel themselves? That's for you to decide and they need to be placed and started up without the player doing anything. Think you can do it? Try it, and success is only due to failures. Expect to get stuck and frustrated, it makes success more meaningful.

Original Idea of this: http://www.computerc...62-competition/
World Download: http://www.mediafire...obvd0v9/RTS.zip
Mod Downloads

Once you download the zip open the file and place the "RTS" folder in your saves and then startup minecraft. The world name is "Replicating Turtle Swarm".

I grant permission to everyone to make videos, post pictures, really everything.  Videos and pictures are encouraged and maybe your picture will be put up here for everyone to see. Post a link to your videos/pictures on this forum thread so we don't have to go video/picture hunting.

Please ask question if you're stuck I don't want people to get frustrated by not being able to make something work which is also why I personally suggest teams for this challenge.

You should check out:

http://m.youtube.com...WS2gcmS-1h4KdXO <- 44 episodes in the playlist.

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