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hopper minecraft server server api mod

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Posted 28 March 2013 - 06:56 PM

I'm here to announce the begining of a new server mod called "Hopper".
Its a server mod that allows you to make plugins that changes the gameplay.

Well now you might say, "duh, this was made several years ago, its called bukkit"

Well, my reply to that is that that im very aware of CraftBukkit, and I now its code inside and out. And that way I decided that my next project should be to make my own bukkit replica (if you want to call it that). However even though im trying to make it similar to bukkit, there will be a lot of difrences. One is that plugins can be structured by the server to either run in only one world, be linked so it runs on several worlds, or run in multiple instances in difrent worlds.

Another difrence is that it will be making more use of XML instead of YAML, even though SnakeYaml will be included in the build.

You will also be able to edit a plugins settings while its disabled. Another cool thing is that all player messages will go through a localization process. If you send a player the message "hello", and the servers language is swedish, it will search through you plugins jar file to find the propertyfile sv.lang. If it finds the value for the key "hello" it will replace it will "hej" instead. Ofcourse you can send messages without this function.

They reason I posted here however is that I'm open for more suggestons and improvements. I would love to hear all your suggestion on what you would want from a server, everything from functions in the API, to regular commands.

The repo is located here: link!

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