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[Help] Minecraft rollback

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Posted 25 March 2013 - 07:58 AM

I need two things.

First, anyone know where I can download 1.4.7 again? Updated to 1.5.1 to tinker with the redstone updates and see how much of the map I'm working on is broke, and now can't find a download for 1.4.7

Second, I need a multi MC loader that keeps 1.4.7 and 1.5 seperate

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Posted 25 March 2013 - 09:23 AM

After digging around quite a bit, I've answered my own questions.
1: MultiMC(here) allows for multiple minecraft versions to be used on a single machine
2: Minecraft 1.4.7's .jar file can be found here.

As I was having trouble sorting out how to get it all to work, I'll explain the steps I took:

First steps:
1: download both MultiMC and MC 1.4.7 jar from above.

To get MC 1.5.01 working with MultiMC
1: Save MultiMC somewhere you want all your minecraft instances to be
2: Start MultiMC
3: Click the top left icon: Add New Instance
4: Click "OK" when the error pops up. It basically says it couldn't determine the lastest version of MC
5: Enter the name you want to call your first instance(this will be 1.5.1) and click the "OK" button
6: Double click the new instance, which will download and run the latest version of minecraft(1.5.1).
7: Once minecraft has started, close out of it.

Once finished with 1.5.1, time to do 1.4.7:
1: Navigate to where you saved MultiMC to
2: Open the instances subfolder in your MultiMC directory
3: Create a new folder (This will be your 1.4.7 instance)
4: Open the 1.5.1 folder and copy everything in it(including subfolders)
5: Navigate to your 1.4.7 folder and paste what was copied from your 1.5.1 folder
6: Open the instance.cfg file that is now in your 1.4.7 folder with a text editor and replace its contents with
7: Save the file and close.
8: Navigate to your 1.4.7 folder/minecraft/bin/
9: Replace minecraft.jar with the 1.4.7 jar downloaded from above.

Now finished, to use:
1: Navigate to your multiMC folder
2: double click MultiMC (the executable)
3: Once loaded, double click the instance you want to play

I hope this helps someone later down the line, and if not, atleast it's documented somewhere Posted Image