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[PvP] Octa-SkyBlock Wars [1.5.1]

minecraft pvp skyblock wars skyblock pvp 1.5 1.5.1

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Posted 17 March 2013 - 07:04 PM

Octa-SkyBlock Wars!

PvP/Survival Map

Posted Image

Hey there! A few weeks ago, a Mexican YouTuber has posted a PvP map called "SkyBlock Wars". The name of that amazing guy is MYM ALK4PON3. Well... I saw some live streamings of that guy, and I saw some problems that the map have. And there I'm, I've working in this map about two or three weeks for get what I have right now. My version or "remix" of that map is called Octa-SkyBlock Wars: Reloaded. SkyBlock Wars, used to have capacity only for eight players, and I've multiplied that. Now, Octa-SkyBlock Wars: Reloaded have capacity for sixteen players plus one or more admins.

This map use the benefits of 1.5, like the scoreboard command, and the teams.
The objective of this map is kill everyone. In the middle of the map, in a floating island, there are diamonds, and a chest with some cool stuff.
Those things will help your team to reach the objective and kill the other teams.
You'll have to play with a friend. There are 8 teams of pairs. Choose your team color, and let the map do the rest.

You'll see in the sidebar how many times you've died. And the admin can choose if let you keep in the game, or kick you from the game.

I've made some tests, and it seems all is balanced. But even, I don't know how the map works with 16 players at the time, so, if you guys see a bug, or an error, you can tell me for future versions of the map!

I recommend that there should be at least 2 or more admins that could control everything.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you're playing in a server, allow the command blocks (Everything in the map is automatically).

Spoiler: Spawn & Lobby:

Spoiler: Admin view & Islands:

Spoiler: Scoreboard example & Chest:


Spanish (Español) Version (Beta 0.2): Download Now!
English (Inglés) Version (Beta 0.2): Download Now!

I have planned soon do the map in many more languages. Well... Hope you like it.


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Posted 11 August 2013 - 07:59 PM

which plugin does this use mate