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Vanilla Pixel SMP Server (Whitelist) (Mindcrack Like)

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Posted 05 March 2013 - 04:36 AM

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VanillaPixel is a 100% whitelist server started up in early November. It is hosted in the United States, so if you are from different country you may experience some lag. We recently started a new map, so we don't have many things such as an enderman farm, nether hub etc. So, if you join, you can help out to build these things and participate in the community. This is a YouTube server looking for people who record and aspire to be big on YouTube. So, if you do not record I apologize but we will not accept you. Also, you must have a skype because that is how we all communicate as a server and organize server activities. So, if you are a let's player and are looking for a server, this is it!

Posted Image Rules:
- It is a fully vanilla server
- Hacked clients, cheating mods, hacking is not allowed at all. We are trying to keep everything legit, and cheating ruins the game for everyone.
- Pranks are allowed, Fire, TNT, Lava cannot be used, unless it will not cause damage to someones builds
- No Griefing
- No Stealing
- Must build spawn house
- Must record
- Must have skype
- Must be 16 years or older

Interested? Here's what were looking for.
- that you answer the questions completely and detailed
- that you have a YouTube channel
- that you have atleast one minecraft video we can review
- that you are 16 years of age
- that you have a skype
- originality
- please do not write that you are going to start recording soon, we are looking for people that already record

If you do not meet these all these standards, please do not apply we don't accept just anyone. If you are accepted, you will be contacted on skype, usually between 1-3 days. If your not contacted, assume you weren't accepted.

Here's the application:



Youtube Channel:

Skype(If No Type N/a):

How often do you play a day?:

Why Should We Let You In the Community?:

Building Experience:

Link To Your Best Minecraft Video (Im Looking For Video Quality):

Do You Agree To the Server Rules?:

Additional Info (optional):

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  • Location: Arkansas
  • Minecraft: Stractz
  • Xbox:StractzHD

Posted 22 March 2013 - 07:08 PM



Youtube Channel:http://www.Youtube.com/NoMailing

Skype(If No Type N/a):Ebokhaon

How often do you play a day?:8 Hours a Day

Why Should We Let You In the Community?:Cause iam a good builder, friendly, I know how to troubleshoot almost everything so i can help out other members.

Building Experience:Redstone, Modern Buildings, Military Stuff

Link To Your Best Minecraft Video (Im Looking For Video Quality):
Ill upload a video tommorow thats actually minecraft

Do You Agree To the Server Rules?:Yes

Additional Info (optional):None. Iam good at GFX :)

Scared Yet? -Scream
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    Out of the Water

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Posted 22 March 2013 - 09:24 PM

IGN: ciff96


Youtube Channel:

Skype(If No Type N/a):brian.dole3

How often do you play a day?: 6 1/2 days in a week usually

Why Should We Let You In the Community?: i found my self looking for a server that actully is vannila[no creative] and can be trusted to be up and i think this may be the Mindcracks sister and i give my honor and respect to it.

Building Experience: ive been playing scene late Alpha and have loads of building ideas and experiences

Link To Your Best Minecraft Video (Im Looking For Video Quality):

Do You Agree To the Server Rules?: yes

Additional Info (optional): i would like to be the Etho of the server, i act like him apparently from what people say