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My View on how alchemy should work.

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Posted 18 July 2010 - 07:06 PM

The purpose of alchemy however is a very simple one for alchemy is used to change elements , and many alchemists through the years tried developing one ultimate "element" gold with no avail. How alchemy works  is also simple and fundamentally sound for material is in its simplest form a kind of energy.if it wasn't for one missing ingredient i imagine it would work however it does not. For in this reality energy cannot be directly influenced by will, this process some would call "magic" is necessary for alchemy. Alchemy is not all about using weird materials to create what would not be possible chemically, but in fact it is using the energies of the materials and the alchemist's will over the energy gathered to change the materials into anything he wishes or to impart power upon the material.

This is the basis for a system that could be implemented to solve many problems and add a new very powerful element to the game. For in alchemy the key is "energy". There would be many ways of gathering energy. From using "solar panels" to gathering crystals for a instant jolt of power, or even using such crystals as a sort of solar focuss, to even using some sort of magic furnace to burn materials and convert it into energy. This energy would travel in a network via connected furnaces or other sources of power into other things to be used.

There could even be other powders ect used we already have a "red powder" and Redstone.
Why not a blue and yellow ones that would act very different?

For instance Red powder already acts like a "trigger", it could be used to trigger various effects.

Blue powder could be used as a transit system of power

Yellow could be used as a sort of "communication line" it would allow remote control of elements through

it is almost totally agreeable that mine craft would suck with a very direct magic system that would allow a Person to fire a "magic missile", or fireball from their character, because it just doesn't fit the reality that exists currently. instead what fits is the alchemical, and runic equivalents for use in dungeons castles and traps.

For instance say you are walking along and you pass by a small hole in the wall,and all the sudden a blast of a fireball would come streaming from a stone that was connected to a blue power line that was hidden in that hole. The block that fired the fireball would have a face and on the face that fires the fireball would have a weird material symbol etched into it while on the backside would have a blue powder line leading from a crystal or other storage of power/creation of power medium that holds a charge from crystals or a burning material, and the block would also have a red line leading to whatever sensor would trigger the device. The block that fires the fireball would have a set time needed to "cool down" as well as taking a curtain amount of energy and could be triggered by a variety of means "cannon anyone?".

You could even have special blocks that when active changes other blocks into different materials for a set distance. For instance you are walking along and you do not know that beneath your feet is one of these very charged and very active multicolored cubes, you accedently click on a pressure pad that activated red powder that then activates the predetermined material effect. The block would then transform all the stone or whatever material the hallway is made of around you into whatever material that the block was intended to set and depending on what it would change the material to and what material it was changing from it would take curtain amount of energy. The multicolored block its self would cost alot to actually make it for it would need red blue and yellow powder as well as a crystal of refined quality. As previously mentioned there would be materials that would take Less energy to make and more energy to change visa versa. For instance dirt would take a Tonne of energy to change into diamond, but changing diamond into dirt "idk why you would want to" would not really even take a spark of energy, or if your sadistic stone to lava, but it would take a moderate amount of power.

You could even story energy in materials like crystal, and have it release on a trigger from red powder '"Tesla towers anyone?".

This system could even be incorporated into many peoples wishes to control zombies or npcs. There would be a moderately expensive rock crafted out of 3blue and 2yellow powered and oh say 4 stone. This block would have a golden symbol on top and be blue. These rocks would be connected via yellow powder to a very unique looking golden block. The npcs when they walk on the block the block turns into a normal rock and with a flash the npcs change in color and begin to immediately  follow the simple way point commands given by the player who has right clicked on the golden block that has a splash screen of the top vein of the map.

i do realize there is a alchemy thread, this however is my view on the matter and my ideas on a complete system that could be used.
Many more things could be thought of that could use a system of "energy, triggers, and alchemy". i will probably update this post with my ideas/ better elaboration and pictures depending on the response i get from other people.
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