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CITI Server 24hr 99% uptime. Plots, Shops, Wilderness and Citys

24hr minecraft server plots shops money wilderness citys new world guard world edit

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Posted 24 February 2013 - 08:16 PM

Citi Server

About us:
Hello Minecrafter's welcome to citi's new server page, this will tell you information about the server and the contents of it. We are still a fresh server and very much under development, but we are planning to open sometime next month, which is why we need players with ideas and thoughts.

This server is a 24hr server with a 99% uptime we eventually plan to hit 50 - 80 players, with the ability of trading, money and plots. I also want to make an event system where I can host events and you can /warp event to them. The server will have a world guard city, Shopping center and a wilderness - For the first few months - Later I plan to add stadiums and art sections.

Server IP -
Server name: Citi Craft
Server country: UK (other players welcomed)
Plugins: World Guard, World Edit, Lockett, Iconomy  - More to be added -
Gamemode: Survival; Main city is safe from Mobs.

Server Staff:
Owner: oOBloodHoundOo
Developer: Ben
(We are currently looking for admins with experience however please do not ask)

VIP section:

Advantages, Use of buckets, Kits, Server priority (More to come tell us what you want)

Thank you for Reading we look forward to hearing from you all in the future. - PS please comment below what you want in a server and our team will do our best to incorporate it for you -


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Posted 26 February 2013 - 09:43 PM

Reserved Post



Posted 27 February 2013 - 09:22 AM

Server is looking for beta testers !