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minecraft pvp hardcore raiding tracking instantsoup donate safe 1v1 duels

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Posted 20 February 2013 - 12:39 AM

The Raids that occur on this server are legendary.  Ragequiting might happen here and there, but you have team to keep you somewhat safe.  Use kits that are provided along with simple skills. Set private warps to you're banks and you might come out alive...

Server IP : pvp.tooforge.com

Pyro PvP

A Team based server with raiding and of course, tons of PvP!

NO McMMO, that ruins servers and combat completely.  You want an advantage?  Get potions and armor.  End of story.


Each player at default has 5 sethomes & 5 /go warps. Check the commands below

/sethome (name) to create a sethome

/delhome (name) to delete a home

/go to learn all info about private warps

/go set [name] set a private warp!

/go to [name] go to a private warp!

/go list - a list that shows you're private warps

/go delete [name] delete any private warp

Server Shop

Here on Pyro PvP, we use a shop. The shop commands can be used by doing

/shopbuy (item)

/shopsell (item)

/shopprice (item)


Team are a basic team like feature. They offer no protection to bases etc, but can help out a ton in PVP. In Teams, you cannot attack teammates and you have the ability to select who you want with you to rule the server. All clan features can be shown in game by typing /team


Tracking is a nice feature to Pyro PVP that allows you to track other players to their base! By using /track all in game you will be shown all players in the area you're tracking. Since it's hard to explain how to fully do it, we suggest checking out youtube.com/minecraftpvp  They have a tutorial which fully explains how to do it, and if you still cant figure it out, just ask in game.


Soup is a good feature for PVP! It allows 3.5 hearts to be regained with the use of 1 soup. You can gain soup by buying it (/shopbuy soup) or obtaining a mooshroom cow! Mooshroom cows can be captured by tossing an egg at it from 5 blocks away (coming soon), or buying a donation rank which has a cow included.


There is one starting kit in game at the moment and more hopefully to come. The kit is available every other hour for efficient PVP (may be switched in the future) and it gives you a full set of iron armor, a diamond sword, and 32 soup & potions. Have fun PVPing!


We only have 1 rule on all of our servers: No Hacking! This means that client mods that give you an advantage over other player are not allowed. So, no flying, no speedhacking, no xray, etc. We do actively detect these hacks (including xray!) and ban players who use them.

Want to Donate?

Donation ranks can be found ingame by typing /buy

All ranks will be given when an admin is online so please be patient. If you want a specific feature of a donator rank, please ask AnaIyzed when he is online.

Safe 1v1's

Hello on are server we offer safe 1v1s. Safe from OP People and Loot Stealers. All you have do is /fight <player> and they do /fight accept and you will be telported to random arena where you can fight!. Do /fight help to learn all the commands in game

Mod Application

Moderators are players who's role is to assist the Admins by answering any questions that the players may have about the server as well as dealing with chat spam. Their abilities are limited to mutes  and bans for the most serious offenses, for information on how to administer bans see below. The requirements for Mod are as follows:
Be mature and fair
Know and understand all of the server rules.
Know and understand the plugin commands and be able to assist players with plugins such as setting up protection or ranking up.
Be a part of the community for at least 4 weeks.
Not have any negative actions against your account IE mutes, bans, ect
Asking to check your application or asking when we will check applications in-game will result in a denial.
Unless otherwise posted, when you make an application it will automatically be pending.This means that your application will be open until we need moderators, deny the application, or accept the application. Understand that we do try our best to read every application and usually do, however we like to watch people in-game and see if they will be a good moderator before accepting them.
Please copy and paste this application in a reply to this thread. Make  sure to fill out all of the questions or the application may be denied.

In-game Name:
In-game Rank:
How long have you played on TooWasted?:
Have you ever been muted or banned?:
If so, why and for how long?:
Why do you believe you're suitable for the Moderation role?:
Extra Information:

Please post on forums at www.forum.tooforge.com but here is fine too!

No whitelist some please, come and have fun!

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Posted 22 February 2013 - 10:33 PM

im admin!!! ^_^