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[Minecraft 1.4.6/1.4.7+] Super Mario Bros Recreation

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  • Minecraft: Oliver302

Posted 17 February 2013 - 11:12 PM

For years people have tried to make a replica of the original super Mario bros game in Minecraft, but none have made a completely playable version that is also a replica. We at FlashFirePheonix11 may be the first, this map features a complete recreation of the original game with a small bit of "Minecraft logic" to make it work (basically added things to jump on at some pipes etc. This does not bean that there are staircases leading up to every pipe (in fact this staircase method is not used at all) it only means that some par cor  etc. has been added to make the map work and to make it harder. AND this is the first recreation map (of Super Mario Bros) to FINALLY be 3X3 not 1X1 so it looks good not just a few blocks lazily stacked on top of each other. And this map keeps getting better with a texture pack that looks exactly like the original game.

Now since this game is only in it's first beta it is not complete, However it has all of world 1 completed and new levels are constantly being uploaded as soon as they are made.


•No breaking or placing blocks
•Always use the texture pack
•Always play on survival
* The first time you start the map you must run it on at least easy difficulty or it will not work.

Added server rules
•Always use vanilla Minecraft no craftbukkit
•/tp is allowed
•You are allowed to fly if the command blocks don’t  set your spawn point
•Otherwise creative mode is not allowed
•/toggledownfall is allowed to turn the rain off but not on
•/time set is not allowed

Important Server Settings
spawn_ animals =false
difficulty= whatever is easy but it can also be normal or hard

Download the first beta (current)

The texture pack is also included in that folder

The map and the texture pack are compatible with both Mac and windows.

Origional texture pack link:

Some (if not all) of the mobs in this texture pack are actually from this texture pack:

These guys deserve the credit for the texture pack not me I only combined some of the content.

Installation Windows: Map
1.Download the zip file from the link.
2. Go into the only folder listed, then go to the folder labeled Super Mario Bros Recreation World
3. Drag that file onto your desktop or somewhere where you can easily drag it into another file
4. Go to your libraries and go to the top where it says which files you are in
5. Type %appdata% in that bar
6. Go to your .minecraft folder
7. Go to saves and drag the file in
8. When you start your minecraft the bar on the bottum should say the file name that is the world you want to select

Instalation Windows: Texture pack
1.Download the zip file from the link (It is the same one with the world in it)
2. Go to the only folder listed go into it then drag the file labeled Texture pack for super mario bros recreation
3. Start Minecraft
4. Go to texture pack and click open texture pack folder
5. Drag the file into the window that opens, close that window and go back to Minecraft
6. There should be a new option to select for a texture pack, select it and run the texture pack.

You want to install MCPatcher for viewing the texture pack or some of the things in it will come out wrong.

Installation Mac: Map

1. Download the file from the link
2. Go into the only folder listed, then go to the folder labeled Super Mario Bros Recreation World
3. Drag that file onto your desktop or any area where you can easily find it
4. Go to your profile and open the folder Library
5.Open the folder Aplication Support
6.Open the file called minecraft in there
7.Go to saves and drag the file you downloaded in there
6. Start Minecraft and find a new world with Super Mario Bros Recreation World labeled below it
7. That is the world

Installation Mac: Texture Pack
1. Download the file from the link
2. Go into the only folder listed, then go to the folder labeled Texture pack for super mario bros recreation
3.Repeat steps 3-6 listed above
4. find the folder labeled texturepacks and drag the file in there
5. start minecraft and go to texture packs
6. If there is a new texture pack listed there you have successfully installed the texture pack

How to put it on a Minecraft Server Mac and Windows
1. Download the file from the link after creating a minecraft server
2. If you do not want to lose your current server world, drag this folder onto your desktop and rename it world. Then drag your current world folder somewhere where you will not lose it.
2-5 If you do not care if you lose your world or not just drag all the files from the file you just downloaded into your current world folder
3. If you do care and you did complete step 2 drag the new world folder into your minecraft server file.
4. Now start up your server, there should be alot of loading error messages (don't worry it is ok they are not errors just the computer telling you that it needs a few secounds to load)
5. When it is finished loading tell your friends to install the texture pack and install it yourself if you have not already.
6. Finally, you can get on the server and play.

Feel free to contact me if anything is wrong or is not working the way it should.

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Posted 27 July 2013 - 03:06 PM

Nice =D
Un mod español SIIIIIII!! =D
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