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Lolcraft 1.4.5

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Posted 16 February 2013 - 05:55 AM

Hi there! Im DarkNinjaz7 a Lapis rank on this server. This server is really awesome, and the staff is always commited to helping you out and everything, the ranks of the server are:
[Dirt]: New to the server (everyone gets this)
[Grass]: standard member, nothing special
[Stone]: Respected and popular member, still standard rank
[Coal]: These guys are awesome, ad they spend a lot of time on
[Iron]: These people are boss, they can do /fly and they can apply for Moderator
[Lapis]: these people are the coolest of cool, and they can use /i
[Gold]: Total badasses, they get /gm  and /tp
[Diamond]: the best of the best, no one has ever gotten the rank, but their perms are determined by the person

Staff Ranks:
[Mod]: these people can /jail, /kick, and /tempban
[Admin] they can /ban /gm and more
[HeadAdmin]: they can do so much more, and they are the supervisors of the server
[Co-Owner]: only the greatest staff can acheive this rank
[Owner]: gianni90, you cannot get this rank, and if you complain, your arguement is invalid

Current Staff:
Owner: gianni90
Co-Owners: amgood, torpedoxturtle, Boltingslash, and Dr_CIay
HeadAdmins: Reigorgas and qazer14
Admins: nicklebunny, Frost119, and pickleman1
Mods: alana2011, kidcola1, blayne1999, lyweb, afunkym, starwarsdyllie, and pakamaru

Webiste: http://www.lolcraftm...raft.enjin.com/ be sure to visit and join up, you can keep up with all the current news.

IP Address: lolcraftmc.no-ip.org:25565


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  • Location: US
  • Minecraft: Reigorgas
  • Xbox:Reigorgas

Posted 16 February 2013 - 06:00 AM

Reigorgas here, I'm a head admin here, and hes right! please go to http://www.lolcraftm...raft.enjin.com/ to get updates on the server, and you'll see the top server players, as well as the players oline and the server is up or not! do join!



Posted 16 February 2013 - 06:16 AM

Kevin here, I'm coal, and just wanted to say hi.
BTW the server is now 1.4.7

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