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item spawning pvp factions

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Posted 15 February 2013 - 07:09 PM

Posted Image

Welcome to Klepto's Playground - 24/7 Infinite Item Spawning Minecraft Server running on 1.4.7 with plugins such as Factions, Player Heads and moArrows! The server is made to make your PvP experience fun and easy. You spawn in with no items but have the ability to spawn anything and everything, grief and even make  a base to store your valuable Player Heads! Enjoy your time playing and also check out our website at klepto.enjin.com

Posted Image  Plugins  Posted Image
  • Posted Image Factions - Player Made Guilds/Clans
  • Posted Image NoCheat - To Stop Hackers and Modders
  • Posted Image Comabat Tag - Used To Stop People From Logging Out During Combat
  • Posted Image Votifier - Allows Users To Vote To Support The Server
  • Posted Image Player Heads - Allows You To Acquire Other Players Heads As A Reward
  • Posted Image moArrows - Creates Many More Arrows, Such As Explosive, Slow, And Poison!
  • Posted Image Along With Many More!
Posted Image  Rules  Posted Image

  • Posted Image -No Hacking/Glitching
  • Posted Image -No Whining or Spamming
  • Posted Image -PvP Griefing and Stealing are Allowed
  • Posted Image -Do NOT Disrespect ANY Staff
  • Posted Image -No Racism
  • Posted Image -No Swearing Excessively
  • Posted Image -No Advertising
Posted Image  Info  Posted Image
  • Posted Image Owner - Wirm
  • Posted Image Co-Owner - Sabino1234
  • Posted Image Head Admin - Charz116
  • Posted Image Moderator - lazy_bum12, avidkoby
  • Posted Image Plenty of Room For All Players
  • Posted Image Fun Plugins, Great People To Play With
  • Posted Image Fun and Entertaining PvP
  • Posted Image Great Community of Players
Posted Image Mod Application Posted Image

  • Posted Image To Apply For Moderator Position Put It In This Format:
      Why I Want To Be A Moderator:
      What I Will Do As Moderator:
      Ive Been On The Server For ___ (Days/Weeks/Months)
      Do You Have A Skype (if so what is it?):
  • Posted Image Tell Sabino1234 or Wirm That You Have Applied.
Posted Image  Join I.P - klepto.wirm.net - Hope To See You ALL Soon!!!  Posted Image

Posted Image Please Post What You Think In The Comments Below! Posted Image

Posted Image Check Out Our Website At ---> http://klepto.enjin.com/  Posted Image
Posted Image Check Out Our PMC Post At ---> bit.ly/kleptoplanet
Posted Image We now have stats! ---> bit.ly/kleptostats

Posted Image Vote For Us At ---> bit.ly/kleptovote1Posted Image
Posted Image Vote For Us At ---> bit.ly/kleptovote2Posted Image
Posted Image Vote For Us At ---> bit.ly/kleptovote3Posted Image
Posted Image Vote For Us At ---> bit.ly/kleptovote4Posted Image
Posted Image Vote For Us At ---> bit.ly/kleptovote6Posted Image

Posted Image Check Out Our YouTube At ---> http://www.youtube.c...noCrafts/videos Posted Image
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Posted 02 March 2013 - 07:46 PM

Hey an update for Klepto's Playground..

We now have a bunch of custom setups, along with our custom arrows that should be coming sometime this week. Including the new Klepto Arrow! We have completely re-done the spawn area with a new volcano for enchanting, and we've brought most of our anti-cheat measures up a notch as well (no pun intended)!

Come check out the new stuff!
Posted Image