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factions pvp nowhitelist economy

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Posted 15 February 2013 - 01:06 AM

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This server is a faction PVP server where the main goal is to have the most powerful faction on the server. Your objectives are to build a base and raid other factions to gain power. Build the greatest empire and take over the world!

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1)No modded clients or any kind of hacks.
2)No asking for OP or items from Admins.
3)Griefing and raiding ARE allowed.
4)Please cut down trees all the way.

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________Posted Image________

Our server has a shop where you can buy items using money. The warp to the shop is located in the spawn area and you right click signs to buy items and enchantments.

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These are the only Admins, so ask them any questions you have!

________Posted Image________
Every time a person donates we do a drop party!

< Bronze Package >

What you get with a minimum $5 donation:
Posted Image Access to the /back command so when you die you can go back on-death.
Posted Image A cool donator sign in your name

Posted Image$50k In game money

< Silver Package >
Any donations of $10 or more will receive:
Posted Image All of the $5 goodies listed above plus
Posted Image $100k in game money

Posted ImageFree Protection V Diamond Armor Set

< Gold Package >
Donations of $20 will receive:
All of the add-ons from above groups; PLUS
Posted Image 16 Golden Apples to enjoy
Posted Image Complete SET of Unbreaking III and Protection V ChainMail Armor!
Posted Image 32 Free Diamonds to use as you wish

< Diamond Package >
Donations of $50 will receive:
All of the above add-ons from above groups; PLUS
Posted Image 64 MORE Free Diamonds to use as you wish  (96 total)
Posted Image 64 Iron Blocks
Posted Image 64 Watermelon Slices
Posted Image 2 Pig Spawner to place one time
Posted Image 64 Arrows
Posted Image 64 Glass Blocks
Posted Image 12 Bedrock

Donate button coming soon

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