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[New Server!] [Mature Staff] <> Realms of Nexia <> [Survival] [And much more coming soon!]

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  • Location: Herrin,IL
  • Minecraft: zacura8998

Posted 14 February 2013 - 10:13 PM


Welcome to Realms of Nexia!


Our server strives to bring you the best multiplayer experience possible. To us, best isn’t about playerbase or donation charts. Its about our community and their involvement in the server. We want our community to have a say in the server. In other words, we want your feedback and suggestions. If you can provide enough votes, we will implement your idea into our server. With a few exceptions of course.

Our server is run by mature and responsible staff members. Each giving their all to make sure you are enjoying the server. Our staff positions are not given lightly, and we are very picky about choosing members. So please do not ask for staff positions.

[Open] Survival:

Our survival different that other survival servers, for it is a lot harder. Mobs do more damage and support more health. Giants spawn naturally in the world, and can kill you in more ways than one. In this realm, Griefing and stealing is not allowed, and you will not be given items, for that is too big of an advantage. This realm has the GriefPrevention plugin, so you can protect your area without any help from staff. You may find a player settlement or two, which you may choose to join if you wish to. As long as the settlement is looking for residence.

[InProgress] PvP:
This realm will be focused on PvP. We have begun planning of this realm, but have not yet started to build it. If you wish to give us input on this realm you may do so.


- PermissionsEx - Permissions
- LogBlock - Anti-Grief
- GriefPrevention - Player-based land protection
- NoCheatPlus - Cheat/Hack Prevention
- Giants - Naturally spawning giants
- ChestShop - For creating player shops.
- MobBounty - For rewards from killing mobs.
- and much more!

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  • Location: Herrin,IL
  • Minecraft: zacura8998

Posted 14 February 2013 - 10:56 PM

Starting a new community! Join the fun!


  • Location: Miami, Florida
  • Minecraft: Nebula09

Posted 15 February 2013 - 12:26 AM

Great server guys! Please join and enjoy the fun. All players welcome! See you there!


  • Location: Herrin,IL
  • Minecraft: zacura8998

Posted 15 February 2013 - 08:43 PM

Thus begins day two of the server. Looking for some new members!