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More Realistic Server (Economy & Survival)

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Posted 13 February 2013 - 08:10 PM

GOVCRAFT (only requires vanilla 1.4.7 to play) - IP: govcraft.no-ip.org - email: [email protected]

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GovCraft takes away the fantasy element of Minecraft and replaces it with more realistic challenges. When you first join you will receive 100 free in game cash, you can earn more in game or buy some directly by emailing us. When starting the game you will be spawned in a random location in or relatively close to cities. You will most likely spawn in wilderness, but there are always human and npc villages to find unless you want to build your own. If you would like to buy an NPC village on plains or desert for 100 cash email us.


  • greatly improved trading system with villagers, in govcraft they are willing to trade a much wider variety of things
  • mobs are removed, but villagers now defend themselves (as do other animals)
  • quickshop plugin that allows you to create selling or buying shops and fe plugin for electronic cash
  • surviving in the wilderness is much harder now with dangerous biomes to make a more realistic environment
  • several plugins installed to help stop cheaters, the use of lava, tnt, and fire is disabled
  • lwc plugin installed to give you the ability to lock your chests, but will not protect them from them explosions
  • govcraft is a free world where you can do whatever you want, but the main focus of the server is developing strategies to establish civilization with economy and diplomacy
  • different personality types are welcome on the server, we strive for diverse cultures of players dynamically interacting with each other to add to the sandbox element of minecraft
  • farming is more difficult in govcraft. crops may not always grow, especially in harsh biomes
  • mining stone is not possible without an iron pick and it will wear it down much faster, you must soften stone by mining adjacent coal, iron, and other resources
  • breaking trees with your arms will cause your arms to be broken for several minutes
  • falling from a long distance may break your legs, this will slow you down for quite a while
  • swimming or rowing long distances can make you collapse from exhaustion, this will be fatal
  • armor slows you down, swimming in armor is not recommended
  • lightning storms are more dangerous, especially if you are carrying or near iron
  • when in the desert you will be weakend, it may tell you that you have broken arms but that is a bug, you are acutally suffering from heat exhaustion
  • biomes with snow can be hit by a blizzard, make sure you bring a furnace and supplies to burn when travelling through them
  • mining too much coal at once can lead to black lung and cause you temporary problems
  • sometimes you will be hit by a terminal illness, you will need to die before being able to break blocks again (though it will tell you you have broken arms lol)
  • mushrooms can be poisonous
We are a group of friends that have been running this server since Minecraft's official full release, we plan on hosting it for years to come and increasing our membership. Invite your friends along so they can help you with your village, business, or other project... and we encourage you to design and fly flags in game using wool and other blocks to represent your group! Keep in mind that if you are not interested in taking part in th main them of govcraft you can do your own thing whatever that is, we want to get as many types of players involved as possible. On a final note we try to leave the server up as much as possible, but we do have significant downtime. Do not let this discourage you and be sure to keep our server added, we will always come back sooner or later. This is a life time project for us, we have had the same map up since minecrat's official full release and intend to keep it (we've had it over 1 year now). Come help us develop the story of GovCraft!
GOVCRAFT SERVER:  http://www.geocities.ws/govcraft

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