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ExoticPvP Raid|mcMMO|Factions|PvP|Auctions 24/7 1.4.7 100+ Slots

factionsmcmmo pvp 24/7 1.4.7 grief raid shops

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  • Location: Anonymous
  • Minecraft: Josephdx

Posted 12 February 2013 - 10:36 PM

ServerIP: s21.hosthorde.com:25616 {PLEASE USE THE PORT OR IT WON'T WORK!}
Server Website: theexoticpvp.enjin.com
Server Overview

ExoticPvP is a wonderful faction server that has many of most people's favorite plugins such as mcMMO, factions,CombatTag, any many many more! There is only one owner right now at the moment, who is named josephdx, and he is not looking for staff, unforntunately.
This server has raidable chests in other people's territory, meaning you will have to place a block over your chest.
The server has only 40 slots at the moment, but it will be upgrading soon. This is a lag-free server
ExoticPvP has a very nice kit when you start out.
There are daily drop parties on this server, and the drop parties are AMAZING. There are plenty of bases to raid, and factions to join. Just be careful who you trust
No hacking - we take this very seriously
No Spamming - We have antispam.
No saying your from planet minecraft and you want op - Oldest trick in the book, seriously.
No asking for staff - If you read above you would know josephdx, the owner isnt looking for staff
No Racism - We want to keep our community free of racism, so please do not say any racial slurs that could be harmful to other people
Trolling is allowed - This rule comes with limitations. No excessive trolling though.

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