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ChivalryCraft.com! New and Fresh! All for you!

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    Out of the Water

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Posted 12 February 2013 - 07:19 PM

Welcome To Chivalrycraft.com

About the server

What we are trying with this server, is that we want to make it big (like everyone else) but its not only that. what i (the owner) is trying to do, Is to get this server as good as can get it, I want to pay my staff that have helped me. yes PAY real money. by far i havent heard of many owners that those that, but i wanna be diffrent. If you wanna be a part of the staff, you need to work hard, and rly get ppl to our server. it wont cut with just 1-6 friends. we want your friends but we also want you to be able to bring new unkown ppl to our server so they can get thier friends and so on.


what we use atm are Faction, Mcmmo, player heads! yes get your enemys head on a stick! we are trying to get a hold of the Epic boss plugin so we can hold big events! but we will also host pvp events with prizes! as steam games and RLY good ingame gear. if you have any tips for good plugins pls tell us and we will look it up.


As you might get our server cant survive later with out help from you. We would love if you can help us grow but with that we also need donation. for stuff as more player shops. prizes! giveaways! Alot of things! we always give the stuff back to you!
you might ask what do we get from donation. you will ofc get a donor rank! with perks that will help you on your way to dominate your raiding.

The Staff

Our staff works more or less around the clock. we are trying to be there for you everytime you need it! our owner Kergion gets almost no sleep for he wants to be on all the time and help new players. we also have our lovely admins XdarkXiathX that will help you alot and MrGoat123 that you can have a good chat with. we also have our mods and helpers that will playwith you! and no they dont have any OP perks that will make them tougher then you.

Im Looking forward to see you in our server! The IP is : Chivalrycraft.com!

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    Stone Miner

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Posted 12 February 2013 - 09:12 PM

Great Server! I LOVED playing on the server. Friendly people, and a great server overall. Two Thumbs Up! 10/10
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