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MCMudkipz Nations! - [Towny] - [PvP] - [DIablo Drops] - [Custom World Generation]

civilization towny factions pvp 24/7 economy chestshop 1000 slots mcmudkipz pokemon

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  • Minecraft: anakin721

Posted 08 February 2013 - 02:09 AM

Posted ImageMCMudkipz Nations! Posted Image

I.P. = mcmudkipz.org

Website = mcmudkipz.com


MCMudkipz is the new 24/7, PVP ,Towny Server! We have 1000 slots and are online 24/7. The machine running the server has 32 gigs of ram and an Intel i7 @ 3.9 ghz. On MCMudkipz you start like you would any other server, punching trees, mining, building a home but then you start to make friends, you start to make enemies and by this time you have earned enough money to start your town! What happens in YOUR town is up to YOU. If you become rich/powerful enough you can become a king but don`t get to comfy in your new kingdom war can start at anytime, anywhere! Are you ready to be a Mudkip?
  • Towny
  • DiabloDrops
  • iMonies
  • PayDay
  • Chestshop
  • MCJobs
  • Custom World Generation
  • Wars
  • PvP
  • NoCheat+
  • Magical Spells
  • Friendly Staff

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