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survival and town server!

staff needed!

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Posted 08 February 2013 - 12:19 AM

We are JarJarCraft, and we are awesome. We are a minecraft survival server, where the objective is to live in or make a town, and get resources on your own.

We are proud to say that we only have one plugin: AntiGrief.

We have a room for a lot of staff, so if you like the server, go apply for staff at our official JarJarCraft website:

we also accept donations from very kind players. We will give you a ton of awards for donating, one even includes a real person to be your servant forever! a real human being, to be your servant. That is pretty epic!

We also have a ton of activities for our members to do. We have a roller coaster, an arena, and an epic pixel art area!

We also already have members that have started towns, so you do not have to build them yourself! We have 3 towns so far:
SpawnCity: You can live there by donating, or by winning contests that we do. Right now win an epic tree house by making the coolest pixel art design!
SandVille: A sand-based town for all members! The staff owns it, so you can count on it being epic!
CastleTown: Owned by Head Admin Jtp776, it starts with an epic castle that you, can get for donating, and it just gets more epic form there!
Ask a staff member to get to anyone of these towns.

Are you interested? Come join us now, at

Have fun! Please feel free to comment here, saying your opinion.

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