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pvp factions ranks amazing spawn great community custom /rankup plugin professional admins/staff

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Posted 07 February 2013 - 11:20 PM

Welcome to PVP Legends!

About us:
We are a dedicated server with dedicated players. This server is located in Canada, but we have staff professional staff from around the world to help you with all your questions/comments/concerns! This server is 24-7 and we have been up for 5-6 months and going strong. We have 100 slots available with 10KG!! So you can say goodbye to lag!!

Why Play Here:
When talking about minecraft survival servers, many people seem to have the same thing. Factions, pvp and a small community. We are here to change that up. Big time. First we have our own custom made plugin for this server which allows players to collect money threw our challenging economy system. When you sell enough you can type /rankup and that will take you to a higher rank and so on. Each rank has different perks! Next we have an amazing 2 million block spawn with shops/donor ranks/casinos on different floors. All are easily accessible because of our warp signs. The community is something that is the truly amazing part of this server. When people join, not only staff but previous players "Welcome" the new player and help the new player with any questions. Its always a friendly greeting. There are about 70-100 dedicated players that will come on and really just make it a great atmosphere to play minecraft in!!

Main rules:
1) No hacking (obviously)
2) No joining a faction with the intent to steal/grief or take coords from.
3) No cussing.
4) Be a Boss Posted Image
5) Respect all staff and players
Banning is the last resort and we stay away from that as much as possible because we do believe people can fix the wrong that they have done and a jail time or mute will be adequate!

Join server:
Make sure to drop by and say hello!!

See you on the server!



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  • Minecraft: awezomeztazticz1

Posted 17 June 2013 - 02:59 AM

Worst server ever, mod and admin abuse, (VERY ABUSIVE like Adam from that server) making fun of players, (cyberbullying like adam). I was gonna donate but it just bad now. I will donate if you stop these actions because its a good server but just horrible, horrible admins/mods.


If You Just Read This,



  • Minecraft: awezomeztazticz1

Posted 17 June 2013 - 03:10 AM

Admins are cussing to!

If You Just Read This,