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{1.4.6/1.4.7}RenegadeMiners{Survival- Towny/Creative-Plot-me/Mini games- Hunger-games etc.}

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Posted 07 February 2013 - 09:51 PM

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Welcome to RenegadeMiners

Server Ip: mc.renegademiners.co.uk

TeamSpeak Ip:   ts.renegademiners.co.uk

Website: http://renegademiners.co.uk

About the Server
Our Server is run on a Dedicated VPS in Paris France, Don’t worry the server isn’t Laggy.

The server Owners are: Jebuzjack “Server Developer” and Irishdiablo “Head Admin”, We are very passionate server owners who are constantly updating and improving the server. The server runs a plugin called Bungee Cord, Were we have 3 server linked into one. When you join for the first time you will enter the Lobby, In the lobby you will be present with a choice of either joining our Creative Server (plotme) or you can Venture into the Survival Server (SMP). When you pick your portal and you have entered it you will see the rules for that server.

Creative Server: In this server you will be given a 64x64 piece of land of which you can build on, you can also invite friends into your plots so that you don’t have to be alone while you build amazing creations, We plan on running Server competitions on titles like: Best House or Nicest Castle, prizes could include VIP or an In game credits for the Survival Server

Survival Server: In this server you will enter our Survival Spawn here you can goto the Gobal Shop or you can start venturing out into the wilderness….Be very careful in the wilderness because people can kill you as Pvp is turned on, Your best bet is to find a town and ask if you can join it or Create your own town.


We accept donations to help keep the server up and running there are 2 types of donators:

1.    [Donator] - £5

1.1. You get [Donator] Tag next to your name

1.2. Use of the /fly command on the Survival server

2.    [VIP] - £10

2.1. You get [VIP] Tag next to your name

2.2. /nick Which allows you to change your name and colour

2.3. You get custom trails by typing /sparkmenu

2.4. Access to custom firework editor by typing /ur editor

2.5. You can set Unlimited Set homes

2.6. /repair on all items and armour (Not Enchanted)

Hope to see you all on the server soon!!
RenegadMiners Team

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