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Posted 07 February 2013 - 07:37 PM

~~!MOVIE!~~David Tamil Full Movie Free HD Download | Download David Tamil Movie Free HD Video Link 2013. David Tamil Film 2013 Full Movie Free Download | Watch David Tamil Full Movie Online HD 2013. Lately Movie buffs have been thirsty without "Vishwaroopam" due to the drama surrounding it. So as a major relief we have the "Clash of the Titans" with Maniratnam's "Kadal" and Bejoy's "David" hitting the screens today. Now David sports a huge team, rich in acting, music, and cinematography to mention a few. Bejoy Nambiar's fresh experimentation will be the highlight, as the film releases with a slight alternate version in Hindi. This will also be one of the fastest films by our Chiyaan Vikram and Jiiva, according to Kollywood gossip. Not to forget the array of music directors, a total of eight different artists have their hand in it and already being called as a "Trend setter of all sorts". The trailer has already given a glimpse of what's in the store, so let's take a brief look at what the movie is:

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Download David Tamil Movie. Bejoy Nambiar announced in December 2011 that he would make a Hindi film titled David, a gangster-comedy, and signed on Vikram to play a protagonist in the film. The pair had previously worked together in Mani Ratnam's Raavan and Raavanan, in which Nambiar had been an assistant director. Sanjeev Lamba of Reliance, the film's producer, then noted that the film had undergone changes and would be made a bilingual in Tamil and Hindi, with a third dubbed version in Telugu. In January 2012, the producers signed Tabu and Isha Sharvani to play lead female roles in the film, with reports that Isha would be paired opposite Vikram. In April 2012, Jiiva confirmed that he joined the film to appear as the second protagonist, announcing that Vikram would be a part of both versions. Jiiva would be playing a rock band star in the film who hails from Bandra, Mumbai.
David Tamil Movie Free Download. The Tamil version would simultaneously show tracks of two people named David with Vikram’s storytaking place in Goa, while Jiiva's portion happens in Mumbai. A third story, featuring Neil Nitin Mukesh that was shot for the Hindi version, was planned to be retained for the Tamil version as well, but was eventually scrappe.

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David 2013 Tamil Film Plot:

Movie is set across different time zones (1999 & 2010) and locations (Mumbai & Goa). Jiiva plays the aspiring guitarist raised in a devout Christian family. He looks like a million bucks and charms in the first half with his chirpy attitude. His desire comes with hurdles owing to his family economic woes. He detests his father's (Nasser) over pious nature and exceeding social conscience, and has big plans of becoming a renowned Guitarist. A local political wing alleges the priest on forcing religion conversion and begrimes the family. Struck in shame and pain, the plot evolves slowly around David and his family. The follow up of incidents provokes young and suave David to take a step that would change his life forever. Lara Dutta makes a special appearance in this side of story as well.

The other David's character is etched as the freaky fisherman in Goa portrayed by Vikram. He essays a hopeless guy who boozes all day and night broods over his problems, only venting it out to Frenny (Tabu).  Falling heads over heels for the fairy-tale kind of girl Roma, David jeopardizes his relationship with Roma as she is already engaged with his best friend. He finds solace by voicing his complications to his illusionary dad and Massage owner Tabu. The crux of the story forms by what he does to his love and friend. Watch out to find what happens to both the Davids!

Technical aspect:

Cinematography is by Rathnavelu and P.S.Vinod for respective scenes figuring Vikram and Jiiva and they give an intelligent difference with unique depiction. Music cannot be singled out, as it's a team effort and they have not given any jarring differences and instead treated the movie as two exclusive stories.

What's good and what's not:

Bejoy's innovative tryst in David is one of the major assets of the film. The "Shaitaan" director has a flair for lateral film making and rests his strengths on Vikram and Jiiva throughout. Tabu undoubtedly is a value for money kind and she induces the look and act which can remain in our thoughts for a while. Jiiva is fresh and he is a real treat to watch, sure to catch the winks of his female fans. Vikram is the usual cool dude and looks fabulous. Isha Sharvani's innocent looks grasps you without a doubt and makes you wonder when she might come onscreen again.

Some of the dubbing scenes in the movie is a real let down and one can easily make out that few portions with Vikram was filmed in Hindi and dubbed to Tamil rather than originally making in Tamil itself. Vikram' s character as a  "lazy happy go drink all day" is portrayed with no real qualms , yet gives a sense of boredom after a point, as he is rarely seen without a drink. All these lead to generating interest in Jiiva's story as it tests you to predict rather than Vikram's which gives you a hint of what's next. The transition between the two stories is surprisingly impeccable in this high voltage drama and the cinematographers and the director deserve an ardent pat for that. The screenplay is quicker in the first half and drags a bit in the second half.

Music is a clear winner, with all 8 musicians captivate and immerse you in a whale of harmony never heard before. The story of fisherman David has a lovely BGM with a lot of beachy tunes definitely making you shake a leg. David Tamil Film 2013 Full Movie Free Download | Watch David Tamil Full Movie Online HD 2013. ~~!MOVIE!~~David Tamil Full Movie Free HD Download | Download David Tamil Movie Free HD Video Link 2013.

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