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LightningCraft Survival (1.4.7) No factions, small, multiplayer survival

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Posted 05 February 2013 - 02:31 AM

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Is a small survival server, always looking to join new players. We have very nice staff, who are willing to help you anytime if you have a problem. Griefing is not allowed in lightningcraft. If you have been griefed, let an admin know and they will immediately take care of it. If you want a small survival server, where you will be recognized and welcomed on join, LightningCraft is your way to go.


[1] Be Respectful

[2] Be Ethical

[3] Use Common Sense

[4] No griefing. If you think some1 has

been griefing, tell a staff member

[5] Do not Steal

[6] Respect all mods, admins, or OP's

[7] No Caps

[8] Don't be fat and farm crops that aren't yours. :P

[9] No offensive comments to players or staff

[10] No spamming Chat

[11] Don't use mods such as x-ray, fly,

or easy-moving mods

[12] Be nice to the other players! :)


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