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Vikings Mod

vikings mod minecraft new mod super mod vikings minecraft mod

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Posted 04 February 2013 - 06:48 PM

I have idea for a mod called:"Vikings mod"
Mod is full of new weapons and new craftings,and more...

New weapons:Viking Battle axe,Wodden Battle axe,Stone Battle axe,Iron Battle axe,Golden Battle axe,Diamond Battle axe,Mini Viking catapult,Viking Crossbow,Wodden Spear,Stone Spear,Iron Spear,Golden Spear,
Diamond Spear,Viking Spear

New characters:Vikings(neutral),Barbarians(agressive),Viking Captain(neutral),Barbarian
Captain(agressive),Zombie Vikings(agressive,only spawns on night)

New tools:Viking Pickaxe,Viking drill machine(using for mining),Viking Axe,Viking Spade

New armors:Viking armors(add +1 armor slot bigger than diamond armors)

New ores:Viking Mineral (rare like diamond)

New buildings(like NPC-s,Pyramids...):Viking Village(can be finded in snow biomes,in viking's storage house can be finden stuff:viking mineral(rare),apple(common),carrot(uncommon),viking armors(super rare),viking lamp block(common),stone axe(common),diamond sword(rare),enchanted book(uncommon)

New blocks:Viking light block,Viking artillery block(used to craft Mini Viking Catapult),Viking furnace(cooks food and other things faster than normal furnaces)

New commands:press "o" to chat with Vikings and Barbarians (not recomended to talk with barbarians because they are agressive,but with nice words and giving stuff and helping them you can make them neutral)

That is all of the "Vikings mod"! Posted Image

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    Out of the Water

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Posted 10 February 2013 - 07:01 PM

Sounds Nice....Already working on a mod and there is gonna be vikings in it so Maybe?I can take one of thoose ideas and have in My mod!!!


  • Location: In great Houses and other Cool buildings
  • Minecraft: enderdragonoo7

Posted 13 February 2013 - 06:43 PM

That will be great! Please tell me when will mod come for download :)