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★BlockOutHG★HungerGames★Dedicated★24/7★CustomKits★NoLag!★2 SERVERS!★

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Posted 03 February 2013 - 05:31 PM

★BlockOutHG★HungerGames★Dedicated★24/7★CustomKits★NoLag!★2 SERVERS!★

']What Our Servers Are For

']We Have just opened 2 new hunger games servers for 1 day to see how many active members and players we can get, If we can get active players who enjoy playing hunger games on our servers, we will be getting a dedicated server with 60 slots!

]How Our Plugins And Hunger Games Work:

']]Our Servers Operate On The fastest processors running to ensure that there is absoloutly no lag atall! (Lag depends on what country your from and how good your speeds are)
]We run Anti-Cheat plugins to stop hackers abusing and cheating on our server!

']]How To Choose Your Kits!

']When you join 1 of our servers, you will be prompted to choose your kits, To choose your kit do /kit, once done, you will have a chest menu on your screen, simple hover your mouse over the kit and it tells you what that kits ability and what items you spawn with! To select just click on the kit and then wait for the games to start!

']The Servers Ip Adresses!

']]#1 Server:


#3 Server:

#4 Server:

Please Join Guys We need some players :)

Come join my teamspeak server!

Friendly staff, and lots of people looking to play minecraft and other games! :D

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