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StayCrafty [SMP][PVE][PVP] {Factions}{Signshop}


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Posted 02 February 2013 - 11:36 PM

Server IP: Website: http://staycrafty.enjin.com/

Started a server so me and my friends can play and also wanted to have some public join use in the fun. So far the server is not populated so if you're looking to start fresh and gett the good spots. This server is perfect for you. Its a brand new server so it might have its bugs at first. Just visit the website if you need to report any. Everything seems to be working fine though.

Owner: lightjello

Rules: No griefing/No cheating/Don't build near spawn or market. Just use common sense.

Couple key plugins we use {Factions} {Griefprevention} {NoCheatPlus} {Logblock} {Signshop}

If you need any help or help placing water/lava just let an admin know. This is for above ground. Underground should be fine. Come claim some land!

Also, a small teamspeak server is set up just incase you wanna chat.
TS IP: ts35.gameservers.com:9253

Just let a ts admin know if you want a sub channel for your friends.
Any questions comment below or visit the website. Thank you.

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