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pvp factions no whitelist

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Posted 31 January 2013 - 10:45 PM

Hello, I am advertising for my server. We normally have 22 people on, but lately it dropped. It would be very helpful if you could join and help us out.

Owner- Jaiydee

Admin- Spayed

mcmmo, Iconomy, and many others!!!

IP: pvp.mc247.net

please reply with thoughts about server and wheter you will join or not.... we have a great spawn, and great players. Most factions have good stuff, but they are willing to accept new members. Please join.... ThanksPosted Image

We also have events to do such as free for All, capture the flag, and Mob arenas.


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Posted 31 January 2013 - 10:45 PM

Joining, will edit this post if the server is any good Posted Image

So here's what I've seen. You start off with a fairly easy choice when you spawn. Factions of towny. So, I havn't played any towny before, so I just stuck with tried and true factions. Now, the signs mention one thing very clearly, YOUR CHOICE IS FINAL. Now, this is utterly redundant in my opinion. You could use these same hyper-simple command block choices in spawn to clear out your inventory and let you go to the other server, at the obvious expense. Well, whatever. Not a whole lot to do in spawn, it's mainly just the usual "Spawn this way" Teleporters we all know and love/tolerate. Now, the population on the server is fairly low, but that's not always necessarily a band thing, depends on your taste in playstyle. But yeah, The server switch system basically condemns you to being in one server or another, and the only option to be able to switch is to donate money, which isn't a very good incentive when you could just find a towny server in itself.