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The Metropolis Of Mystian on Haven

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Posted 31 January 2013 - 07:33 PM

So I run a town on this server called Haven. I am looking to expand it and would love for people to join it and build wonderful homes and buildings in it! I am going to provide the information on Haven. They have an amazing server that grows constantly. It does get full a lot so I do hope that if you decide to try it and join that you get on!

When you get on. I am called "TheOnly DSRL" you will be spammed with town invites upon getting on. use /decline or whatever the command is to decline them. The town you want to accept is called "Mystian". When you also first log on if you wish to speak globally simply type /g. I am on EST from usually noon to midnight as I have morning classes and am still looking for work. We are apart of the Nation of Gnosis. I am a nation leader and founder as well.

To let me know that you are on haven as a result of this either say Georgia in global or use /m DSRL to message me it. I usually will see it. Also do /t spawn mystian to check the town out.

Alright now for Havens info! They are ranked in the top 10 on about 15 sites. Highly recommended! Posted Image
Posted Image
1.4.7 patch notes

By [MOD] Mish aStaff
Correct Connection Info
  • play.havenmc.com - server
  • www.havenmc.com - website
  • talk.havenmc.com - teamspeak
Donator Shop

Haven Texture Pack Money:
  • Vote, $6,000+ daily
  • Hostile Mobs drop money
  • Auction House
  • Player Shops
  • Events
Towny Changes: Protected Chests
  • Auto unlock in 10 days if not opened
Money Changes
  • Players will have money cap of 3 mill
  • Towns money caps 1 mil
  • Nations money caps 1 mi
Server Changes
  • Guard Wars
  • Global PvP
  • /gw
  • Hero+ to join
  • Only the crazy or the hardcore should join!
  • custom death messages
  • combat logging = 10,000
  • may not GM while in combat
  • /ci = clears entire inventory (donator+)
  • /kit legend - once a week
  • /workbench - Hero+ ranks
  • /love - returned!
  • Withers may only be created in The Nether
  • SoulSand - Place in Over world
  • Heads now drop from players
  • Mcmmo non-combat skills all ranks may use
  • Mcmmo combat skills will be HERO+ rank
  • /skirmish duel <name>
  • real death arena duels with your items
  • Invisibility Potions are blocked!
  • Obsidian is now mine-able by everyone
  • Custom RankUP complete!
  • Custom donator /tag change complete!
  • /gm removed from the Nether for Wither creation
  • /gm removed from the End for events
  • Grief protection while part of a Town
    PvP protection while in a Town (or make your town a PvP arena!)
    Ability to create Nations and Tax other towns
    A vibrant diverse economy shop system for Towns
    Dungeons with hourly reward chests
    Treasure Hunting with massive rewards
    Monthly Building contests
    Spleef and Cloudrace events
    Many events at our event hub to try
    Monster Hunting Arena

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