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Brand New Hardcore/PvP/Factions/Roleplay-ish server. [Developing]

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Posted 31 January 2013 - 03:41 PM

Hello. My name is Matthew Lang, and I have created a minecraft server. It will be a Hardcore, pvp factions server. It will include the odd role play, like npc's, factions (npc factions) and hidden base's too find for loot, and last  but not least mc mmo, and jobs.

Our server aims to get around 15-18 players on average. I understand at the start of the server, when its newly born, it will have around 5 dedicated players. The player count means alot, as the more players the more popular. Every player will be respected, taken care of and treated how they would like to be treated. Players that are nasty, or even trolls, will be temp banned for a long time.

Bans, now. My server takes bans seriously. We do not ban for something retarded, e.g calling someone fat / glitching into there base. We only ban for things that are major. Other things, for instance, glitching into someones base would be a 12 hour ban. Plus, we do not have death ban, you just loose your stuff.
You can be muted for;
Caps lock rage
Disrespectful to any player.
- And more.
You will most likely be muted for 15 minuets to cool down, depending on the punishment. In this server, you only get 1 warning. So, if you caps rage (you cannot, we have a plugin disabling it.), You will get muted for 15 minuets, if you do it again after that period of time, you WILL be temp banned for an amount of time decided by the user giving out the punishment (about 1 hour for caps)

Our server is extremely new, and we are in need of builders.
Builders, are an important thing. You must be a good builder, that puts detail and effort into his builds.
If you become a builder, you will get access to /gamemode. If you abuse this command, you will be punished.  You will have access to build anywhere, (apart from custom made factions, You can build in safezone/warzone) If necessary, you will get /speed. (Allows you to fly at different speeds.)
If you make a brilliant job of it, you MIGHT get Moderator afterwards (your decision) but, if you do not want moderator, you will be handed VIP instead. (Note, VIP is completely different from Donator. VIP - Very Important Person , which you are, as you helped alot. )


IP of the server is

|| Creative Mindz || Owner || Need any help? Contact us via PM. ||

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Posted 31 January 2013 - 10:55 PM

Hey, I'd love to come help out if you need me.  
I'm a pretty good builder in my opinion, but definitely not boast-worthy.  
One thing, I can't reach the server for some reason? Don't know if it's down or what, but hopefully I can finally get on.
Feel free to ask me any questions if you'd consider me for builder.  I'll give you an application if you'd like.

-I like new servers-

Bye! ;o
ign- Fivewords5