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A Small Semi-vanilla Survival Server

semi vanilla tregor legio umbra eu

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Posted 31 January 2013 - 06:43 AM

the server
The server is located in United Kingdom, England. Connection latency may vary depending on your location to the server.
As for me, I'm on the east coast of North America, ping results 93ms min, 98ms max, average of 95ms.

the world
In terms of exploration, it seems like the world is roughly two to three weeks old. The cave systems near player populated areas are still not completely explored/depleted. There are a few co-op constructed structures, and several personal houses around the world.

the players
This server has a small population of players, noted for this week there are about 10~15 active players, and perhaps about 5~7 of them play more than 2 hours a day. There Euporean and Americas players. I believe most of the players falls between the age range of 18~26.

Plug-ins are kept at a minimum to keep a vanilla feel without the stress of grief. You can claim a plot of land automatically by placing your first chest. This claim would claim the chunk of blocks above and below you. The world is backed up hourly incase of any mishaps with griefers.

As for teleporting, there are only two ways;
  • With pre-placed road post by the owner. There are only two road post at the moment.

  • With /trapped if you are some how trapped within another player's claimed land and unable to get out. This will teleport you to the closes unclaimed block.
So, in short teleports will not be able to get you out of a life threatening situation, nor will you be able to have someone teleport you out if you are lost in the middle of no where.

the economy
The shopkeeper plug-in allows you to put up to two shopkeeper to help you sell or trade your items. It's a player grown economy. At the moment it is at the early stages of bartering. It has not grown into the currency based economy of trading rare gems and metals for goods.

combat rules
PvP is on and allowed, but spawn camping someone constantly is frowned upon.

general etiquette
  • Be civil to other players; avoid inappropriate language or off colored jokes.
  • Chop down trees entirely and replant them (all the wood, excluding leaves)
  • Respect other people's creations; do not pillage nor destroy
    (except if you both decided beforehand you are in a Roleplay war)
  • When you've pick a place to build, ask your neighbors if they agree with the place you picked. (this only applies when bases are in close vicinity to each other).
For questionable behaviors, admin and moderators may issue one warning to said player. If said player receives a second warning they are banned from the server.
Confirmed cheating will get you banned. E.G. xray

notable plug-ins;
  • simplebackup
  • crazychats
  • shopkeepers
  • griefprevention
  • permissionsbukkit
type /plugins in-game for more information



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Posted 31 January 2013 - 09:34 PM

reserved post



Posted 31 January 2013 - 11:25 PM

can i join my name is pinunderjeep but my minecraft name is vermin1990