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ShadowCraft- The new Bukkit server for all!

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  • Location: U.S.A.
  • Minecraft: shadowstar1226
  • Xbox:shadow55151

Posted 30 January 2013 - 03:07 AM

Welcome to my topic-My username is shadowstar1226.

I am the owner of the bukkit server ShadowCraft. I began adding many plugins, with the ideas of a survival based experience, while wanting some creativeness to be able to seep into the experience. I got a few friends on my server, and now, I am looking for new players to come play on my server. We are still working on many plugins, and still figuring out how to work PermissionsBukkit. Some of our many features are-

-The RPG plugin MCMMO, which features party systems, and skills, such as mining, swords, and archery.
-A money/Economy plugin that allows for one dollar to be earned for every minute you are logged in.
-A plugin called CraftBack that allows you to craft items back into what they were originally. If you use six wooden planks to make a wooden door, putting the wooden door back in the crafting table will get you six wooden planks back.
-A stargate plugin that allows for easy teleportation.(currently down for work)
-LWC, a plugin that allows for easy chest/door/etc locking and unlocking, and the ability to allow certain players into those items.
-A simple reporting plugin that allows you to report problems and incidents.
-Two protecting plugins-PreciousStones and PlotGuardian. With PreciousStones, only 'City Protection' and 'City Plot' are allowed.
-A very nice Lottery plugin.
-An assassin plugin which allows players to set up 'contracts' for certain players to be killed. Any player(except for the contracted character) can take up this contract and attempt to kill that player.
-An amazing plugin called ChestShop, which allows for chests to be created to buy and sell items.
-An Enjin site full of widgets and forums to improve your experience. Here's the link: Shadowcraftbukkitserver.enjin.com

These are just a few of the features on this bukkit server. If you like the sound of the server so far, download LogMeIn hamachi. It is free. Contact me at: Here or the Enjin site, and tell me you have downloaded/already have it. I will create a network for you to join, and you can log into the server.

I hope you will give this server a chance.

Thank you for reading this,


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