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Posted 29 January 2013 - 06:13 PM

Hello, and thanks for taking a look at our thread. Here at the MountainCraft server,
we want you to enjoy playing a classic survival minecraft experience. The admins are super friendly as well. Come on our server for a chance to be in our videos!

This server includes:

* WorldGuard * - protect your land.
* Essentials * - Essential everyday commands for all to use.
* Elevators * - Yes, you heard it. Elevators.
* Iconomy * - Kill mobs or players to earn some $$$.
* Shops * - Spend your well earned money at the store to buy items, blocks, enchantments and much more.
*Lockette* - Lock your chests and protect against raiders!
*Factions* Grow your empire and prosper!

Furthermore, we also incorporate various ranks. These include:

- New: (Default rank.)
- Regular: (Play on the server regularily.)
- Trusted: (Become an active and trusted member of the community.)
- Super Trusted: (Become a very respected member of the community.)
- Moderator: (Speaks for itself.)

If you subscribe to our YouTube channel, you will be given the title of subscriber, new commands and a set amount of cash. Please do not subscribe if you
don't feel obliged. We will NEVER force you to subscribe to our channel.

The IP to our server is:

Take a look at our channel! (Note, minecraft videos will be uploaded every 2-3 days.)


Thank you for reading!

http://imgur.com/rNk...V3e  -  Picture of our spawn

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