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Awesome Seeds!

(1.4.7) seeds awesome

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Posted 28 January 2013 - 11:28 PM

Here are some awesome seeds i will try to include images of them, for now i have just

a few, i will try to update daily, here is a link to a couple of my other

topics for two awesome seeds!  (i have quit posting seeds because i have no replies i dont really know im helping anyone with these seeds)

1.( http://www.minecraft...al-island-seed/  

2.( http://www.minecraft...best-seed-ever/

1.Link Picture
Posted Image

2.Link Picture Posted Image

and please if you have an awsome seed please message or post it below, and i will add it below, along with a Pic =) and if you find anything worth mentioning then please leave coordinates below! =)

here they are!, ill add more just about everyday!

this seed is my name! =) CreeperOnTheLOOSE all of the same capitals and no spaces

heres a pic!

Posted Image
It is a survival island, there are three little islands in total + a pumpkin & a tree (best if you add bonus chest, for food)
Posted Image
Here is another! you spawn near a forest  beach  extreme hills & desert biome! the seed is 1099928158
Posted Image
this seed spawns you off in a forest biome, and nearby extreme hills biome and swampland biome and ocean biome.. the ocean biome is in the left part of the Pic most of it is covered by the extreme hills, the extreme hills have some hollowed out areas, so go explore! almost forgot =), the seed is
Posted Image
this seed spawns you off almost in a ravine, if you step one block from your spawn you will fall in it!, (if you look at the left side of the ravine from the chest you see a dirt block, that is your spawn! also there is a small pond to the right and a cave to the left! the seed is -1365577229 go explore!
Posted Image

Posted Image
Thought i should add two Pics for this one, this seed is a survival island seed with two little island in total well... that are made of grass, as you can see above there is also a mushroom island! this seed is made for exploring so goodluck! the seed is -787338382
Posted Image

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