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PurePVP | pvp.pure-pvp.net | McMMO Factions Rading Server

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Posted 26 January 2013 - 01:06 PM

Pure-PVP 1.4.6 Hardcore McMMO Factions PVP Rading Server! PVP.PURE-PVP.NET
|x| -- Server Specs -- |x|
Intel Xeon Quad Core (E3-1230 v2) 3.8Ghz
120GB Solid State Drive
16GB of RAM
1GB/s uplink
CentOS Operating System
DDOS Protection
|x| -- Main Server Plugins -- |x|
Factions - Create clans, make a base and battle other factions! | /f help | For basic commands!
McMMO: Level up skills like mining and woodcutting to get advantages! | /mcstats | To see your skill
Combat Logger : Stops combat loggers by killing them when they log out!
Pure Staff List | /list | Displays online staff members.
FastFood: Food Heals HP!
LogBlock: Used to check who raids people incase of hackers. Use | /lb tool | for a wood pickaxe,
which when used on a block displays all history of that block.
ObsidianDestroyer: Blows up obsidian with 10 TNT. Only Enabled On Weekends
Rest of the plugins are all internal and are used to keep the server running swiftly.
FreeForAll [Custom]: A custom plugin which teleports you to an arena, gives you armor and weapons,
and lets you battle other players. All are equal. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________
|x| -- Order of Ranks -- |x|
Player ( Free )
Wood ( $5 )
Stone ( $15 )
Iron ( $30 )
Gold ( $50 )
Redstone ( $75 )
Diamond ($100)
Emerald ($150)
Obsidian ($200)
Bedrock ($300)
Guide (Staff)
Moderator (Staff)
PureAdmin (Staff)

Owner [Owner]

Disclaimer: By donating or making a payment over $1.00 to [email protected] and its servers, you
agree that this is a permanent payment and cannot be refunded.
We have the right to revoke your permissions within the server at any time.

Donate At: http://donate.pure-pvp.net

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Posted 01 February 2013 - 09:59 PM

Nice fake donations.
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