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[Survival] [Anti-Grief] TaloCraft: A Small, Simple, Just-for-Fun Server!

survival no hamachi fun safe family no admins simple roam chat filter anti grief

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Posted 26 January 2013 - 02:44 AM

Welcome to TaloCraft!

Hi, and welcome to TaloCraft Posted Image! I made this server for those who just want to survive with friends in a family-friendly environment, without the worry of being harassed by admins patrolling around and watching your every move, just waiting to ban you for something. Here, you won't be pressured to follow any strict guidelines regarding how you play, just as long as you don't go about screaming swear words and blowing up houses with stacks upon stacks of TNT. Instead of administrators, this server is small enough to be moderated by the owner; that is, with the help of a few polished automated systems.

There is a strict chat filter, seeing as my little brother plays on the server all the time (he's 7). Those who repetitively try to bypass the system by creatively swearing will eventually be automatically muted by the server. There really isn't any way to get in trouble unless you're intentionally trying to, as the systems have lots of fail-safes to make sure nobody gets punished for no reason. On top of that, griefing has been completely eliminated with clever protections systems that allow you to claim your own little chunks of land that are entirely immune to block spamming, block destroying, TNT, lava, water, stealing, trespassing, blocking, undermining, falling blocks, mob spawning, mob griefing, mob spamming, TNT cannons, pistons and anything else a clever griefer may think of.

The server should be open 24/7, with small 5 or 10 minute shutdowns every once in awhile to update plugins or change settings. You do NOT need Hamachi to play Posted Image, simply connect using the following IP address:

Thank you for playing, and enjoy! Posted Image

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