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[MOD] Orni's MonsterCraft

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Posted 15 February 2011 - 12:55 PM

Development permanently stopped!

you can read my statement if you want to

When I've read a thread some months ago about the idea of making a Monster Hunter themed mod I was quite hyped - and since no one was ready to do it I accepted the challenge. this was a short time after Notch announced he's working on an api for minecraft and I thought - sweet - official support, I'm going to do this.

Then it seemed he forgot about it and I started working on the graphical aspects of the mod first (a lot of the stuff never got posted in the thread since it was just graphical at that point - and nothing of it was final or very polished). Then Notch twittered something about working on the api again - but I was sceptical and took a look at things like the MCP - I've actually made a very basic version that implemented a test model I did and started fooling around with artificial intelligence (which is kind of my speciality I guess) Yet - working with the MCP felt very limiting and I had to rely on other modders because of their framework. I also somehow was very annoyed by being promised an official api while being forced to work with something else - so I stopped everything I did about this mod and made my point clear: "they promised it - I want it"

time passed by and my university workload piled up - so I didn't have a big problem not being able to work on the mod. then I had a huge load of free time at hands and still no api. this time passed by, too - I worked on other projects of mine. Jeb took over the project and announced he is going to do the api as one of his goals ... at this point, I already stopped believing that. and now minecraft 1.2 is out ... who cares about the api. (although bukkit is a huge advancement)

I know what everybody is thinking - what do you need the api for?
The answer is simple - nothing, I don't need the api at all for modding minecraft - there are enough ways to do it quite pleasingly without any official support. But my main point is being annoyed by Mojangs developemt attitude.

By now I lost any interest in this - I know, it's sad, but that's how it is.

I'm currently developing flash games which is much more fun for me than minecraft, and minecraft modding, could propably ever be for me.
My actual project is a classic platformer with tons of funny features (portals too) and my next project is a hack'n'slay dungeonrunner with procedural dungeon generation - afterwards it's time to participate in my first Ludum Dare ... this is what I'm going to do.

I think I will never mod again in my life. I don'T see any fun in it anymore. looking back at my modding projects - I did stuff for UT2004 back then, for example - it all felt rather annoying compared to making own games from scratch (which I have started doing now) - since I prefer to develop bitmap based 2D games anyway this isn't too much of a problem for me (I hate vector graphics - they kill all the fun of pixelart)

so this is it for this mod - goodbye minecraft I guess

-- orni ,
march 3rd, 2012

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Posted 15 February 2011 - 01:15 PM

Welcome to

Orni's MonsterCraft
Your Monster Hunter experience in Minecraft

:Pig: Development starts as soon as Notch finally releases the api or source code :Pig:

If you want to support this mod by adding a banner to your signature, use this code:


What's this mod about ?

This mod will feature boss monsters which will fight quite differently and drop materials which can be crafted into different weapons and armor. This weapons and armors are further improvable with materials of more difficult monsters.

Main features will include:

Boss-like monster fights
Many new crafting recipes
Different monster abilities
Epic world-changing battles
Unique Weapon System
Armor Set System
Monster alluring baits
Rare subspecies
Hunter Rank system
Decorative Trophies
Several Potions


The monsters won't be exact copies of Monster Hunter Monsters - I don't want to get this mod into trouble with capcom and also in many cases it won't be possible to copy every mechanic. However, I'll try to soft-copy them, they will look similiar and also behave similar.

Most of the tough monsters won't spawn naturally (although under very rare circumstances this is also possible), instead you have to craft baits for them to come. Crafting a bait for a really strong and therefore valuable monster will cost you quite a bit ( they say monsters like golden apples Posted Image )

Every monster behaves differently and you won't be able to simply poke them to death without paying attention. Preperation and usage of the world to your advantage is the key to victory. Every monster has it's own attack pattern and tactic is needed to kill them.

Although the main inspiration for this mod is the Monster Hunter franchise I'll also implement entirely new monsters - specially designed for the mechanics of Minecraft.


Every slain monster will drop some materials as a reward and open a world full of new possibilities. Most of them will also have rare subspecies which will drop especially valuable materials. You will be able to build/decorate your house with them but more importantly they are craftable into new weapons & armor for your hunts.

New weapon and armor mechanics:

I actually do not want to mod this part on my own but I'm quite sure someone will develop a neat weapons mod after the API release and I'd like to make my mod compatible to his/hers or even establish some co-working. Please contact me if you happen to be a developer of such a mod or know a mod that would fit.

Orniflyer said:

I'm going to develop the weapon system myself anyway:

Most of the new weapons will have a new type of attack. Or even two. Holding the left mouse key charges up a weapon specific attack while the right mouse key may trigger a weapon mechanic unique for every weapon tree. The charge attacks are dividable into three groups:

The weapon fires a projectile attack. This can be a fireball, a shockwave or some other sort of range attack. Obviously crafting a weapon out of a fireball-shooting wyvern creates a weapon with a fireball shot charge attack. The charge attack has a specific amount of seconds it takes to charge. Every weapon has a different one. During the charge your character is stuck in crouch position - so you can't move too fast. After completing the charge you'll get notified by a visual and/or audio effect so you can aim to release the mousebutton and fire the shot.

Power Attack:
These charge attacks won't put you in crouch position. However - they are melee range only. A power attack charge deals a considerably higher amount of damage than a normal hit but has to be charged (during which you can't attack of course) so these type of charge weapons are a good idea for fights where you only get few chances to hit the monster.

Other Charges:
These two charge types are the only ones available during alpha stage. I'm planning to implement more during beta though.

Item Trees:

Most of the new items are upgradable. This upgrade patterns result in a tree structure (think of a typical RPG talent tree). Often multiple ways will lead you to your desired result. Every upgrade recipe needs the weapon as well as new materials to upgrade it with.

Fossil blocks

They have about the same density and rarity as redstone blocks but will drop bones as well as lower mob materials (raptor scales for example) but also have the very rare chance of dropping a fossil (4%) or even a fossiled weapon (<1%). Fossils can be polished into antique bones which are needed for different crafting recipes in this mod.
Fossiled weapons are something really special - find out yourself.

Trophy blocks

Since killing some of this mobs is quite an achievement you can build trophy blocks out of their materials. This blocks only use is decoration - we all know you can't have enough cool decoration for your personal Minecraft housing.

Bait crafting

You can craft specific bait blocks out of quite rare material. After placement, the according boss will spawn and attack you. There's also a chance that a rarer subspecies of the boss might spawn - which will reward rarer materials. However, stronger bosses require rarer baits so don't waste them!


Since you'll have a hard time fighting all the monsters your life is in quite a danger. Ancient myths speak of potions to heal your character very effective or even improve the amount of health you have in general. These potions are craftable out of rare items find near the core of the earth. You'll have to find out yourself.

Orniflyer said:

Alpha Armors:

The following armor sets will be available during alpha stage:
(Their effects are set bonuses and only activate if you're wearing the complete set of armor.)

(base) forest raptor tribe armor (red) - increased speed (little)
(base) sand raptor tribe armor (yellow) - increased life (little)
(base) ice raptor tribe armor (blue) - increased damage (little)
(upgrade) raptor pack leader armor (chromatic) - increased speed/life/damage (little)

(base) general wyvern armor (brown/black) - increased life/damage (little-medium)
(upgrade) flame wyvern armor (red/black) - increased damage (medium)
(upgrade) sky wyvern armor (blue/black) - increased jump / speed (medium)
(upgrade) nature wyvern armor (green/black) - increased life (medium)
(upgrade) ice wyvern armor (white/black) - increased damage reduction (medium)

Alpha Weapons:

The weapon effects are grouped into power attack and shot types (see first post) and the later ones have a chance of triggering an effect. (chance wary in between weapons)

(base) Raptor Blade - "power attack"-type (little)
(upgrade) Heavy Raptor Blade "power attack"-type (little-medium)

(base) Wyvern Blade - "shot"-type (little)
(upgrade) Flame Wyvern Blade - %set-on-fire, "shot"-type (medium)
(upgrade) Sky Wyvern Blade - %lightning-strike, "power attack"-type (medium)
(upgrade) Nature Wyvern Blade - %heal, "power attack"-type (medium)
(upgrade) Ice Wyvern Blade - %mass-snowball, "shot"-type (medium)

(base) Fossilized  Weapon - "power attack"-type (very little)
(upgrade) Polished Fossilized Weapon - "power attack"-type (medium)
(upgrade) Restored Antique Weapon - "power attack"-type (high)

Hunter Rank System:

Of course this mod will use the achievement system of minecraft. This achievements are in a linear order and represent your hunter rank. This rank is closely tied to ingame mechanics.

You need your hunter rank to:
- spawn monsters (you can only spawn already beaten bosses and the next one you didn't beat yet)
- get rare items (rare item drop chances are directly linked to your rank)
- brag about how awesome you are (maybe the most important use ^^)
- unlocking new difficulties (later on in the mod specific bosses count as milestones. Defeating them makes all monsters before them stronger and might give them 1-2 new moves. They might also drop new items.)


The development of this mod will follow a semi-strict roadmap:

Until API release:
Recruit small team |done|
Plan out every alpha monster mechanic |done|
Plan out every alpha item as well as crafting recipe |done|

Version Alpha 1.0 |waiting for API|
Develop the first non-boss mob (Forest Raptor)
Implement first item recipes linked to this mob (Raptor Blade, Forest Raptor Tribe Armor)

Version Alpha 1.1
Develop the first boss mob (Raptor Pack Leader)
Develop other mob variations (Ice Raptor Tribe & Sand Raptor Tribe Raptors and Pack Leaders)
Implement fossil blocks
Implement according recipes (Heavy Raptor Blade, Ice Raptor Tribe Armor, Sand Raptor Tribe Armor)

Version Alpha 1.2
Develop first flying mob (Wyvern Hatchling)
Implement according recipes (Wyvern Blade, Wyvern Armor)

Version Alpha 1.3
Develop first flying boss mob (Flame Wyvern)
Implement more recipes (Flame Wyvern Blade, Flame Wyvern Armor, Fossilized Weapon, Polished Fossilzed Weapon)

Version Alpha 1.4
Develop subspecies (Sky Wyvern, Nature Wyvern, Ice Wyvern)
Develop special weapon mechanics (Power Attack / Shot - System)
Implement trophies (also Hunter Rank System)
Implement according recipes (Sky, Nature & Ice Wyvern Blades and Armor Sets)

Version Alpha 1.5
Develop weapon mechanics further
Develop AI further

Enter Beta criteria:
Completely working boss mobs and weapon mechanics

Alpha Version Recipe Roadmap: |needs to be partially redone
Click Me !

Alpha Version Item Tree: |needs to be partially redone
According to recipe list
Click Me !

Beta -> Release candidate roadmap will follow after completing alpha.

Orniflyer said:

Since everybody wants to know. Here are the monsters I've planned for the alpha stage of the mod:

[ first non-boss mob ] Raptor

This mob will spawn naturally - there are different types. One for each biome. They are actually comparable to spiders since they run quite fast and are able to jump-attack. However, they will spawn in packs and use a pack AI. They might surround you or run away (if severely injured) luring you into several other raptors.
Raptors will be the easiest mob of the mod and provide the very basic resources for creating new weapons and armor.

[ first boss mob ] Raptor Pack Leader

This one looks like a bigger, more bad ass Raptor - and in fact, it is. The Raptor Pack Leader won't spawn naturally. There are two ways to get to fight him. Either you craft a bait out of some cooked porkchops and sugar to make him spawn or you kill enough raptors to provoke him. This fight is considered the first boss fight and don't take it lightly. You will have to fight several minutes do defeat this boss and you will die the first times - a lot. The Pack Leaders of each raptor tribe (one for each biome) will have a different special ability.
This boss will drop the first upgrade materials to improve your weapons and armors with. Also this boss will be the first one with a rare chance of dropping his head - which can be crafted into a trophy for decoration purposes. I also though about a rare chance of dropping a raptor egg which spawns a tamed raptor - which can be used as a mount. But this is something I won't make during alpha, maybe later. (raptor mounts are just too awesome to not develop this feature)

[ first flying non-boss mob ] Wyvern Hatchling

This mob looks like a very small baby dragon (to be more precise, wyvern) and haven't developed it's different abilities yet, most noticeable the breath weapon which is much weaker than the breath weapon of a grown wyvern. There are four different species which won't have to much noticable differences as hatchlings, however, once grown they develop different abilities. The hatchlings will also spawn naturally, but they are quite rare. You have to look around mountain peeks to find some of them. They aren't strong opponents if you're prepared for them. They fight somewhat similar to a ghast - however, they move much faster. The materials you gather from them allow you to create quite impressive armor and weaponry.

[ first flying boss mob ] Flame Wyvern

This boss mob is the grown version of the fire wyvern hatchling. The other elements will get added over time (nature,ice,sky). This wyvern is lured by a bait crafted out of a lot of bread and cooked porkchops. Don't fight it without massive preparation. The Flame Wyvern possesses a variety of different abilities. One of them is capable of killing the player with one shot! Hiding behind trees or small dirt piles won't save you either. You have to learn the  movements of this boss and adapt to it to achieve victory.
This boss is considered the first real challenge of this mod. I want everybody to die against this boss the first few times. However - after beaten it once or twice this boss should be no problem anymore. The materials dropped from this mob create considerably better weapons than diamonds. The weapons will also have a flame ability - you won't need your flint'n'steel anymore. Later upgrades of this weapon tree also enable to shoot fireballs (at cost of durability)

[ other flying boss mobs ] Nature, Ice, Sky Wyvern

These will be added in late alpha stage. Once they are finished there will be a last major alpha version update (without new monsters) to improve everything further (especially weapon and AI mechanics) and then we're ready for beta.
The Nature Wyvern is able to spawn small trees around the player after which it charges a huge fireball (you have to chop yourself through the trees quickly to get out). The Ice Wyvern is a pretty cool fight. It is able to shoot blasts of ice which spawn spiky ice structures all over the fighting ground. (you want to dodge them). Engaging a fight with a Ice Wyvern will also make it snow for the period of the fight. Sky Wverns are quite tricky encounters - they can start heavy storms and you want to move at all times since the place you're standing at is the target of numerous delayed lightning bolt strikes.
The elemental wyverns are some kind of first hard bosses. But don't get too exited after defeating them - much much stronger monsters will follow in beta Posted Image


Main members
Orniflyer - main developer, AI development, game mechanic development
tnk (tinkerlue) - additional coding development
5chm0ng0 - additional coding development, modeling

Mr_Joost - additional coding development
azurelao - game mechanic design, additional coding development
Riion - game mechanic design
Tigii - game mechanic design
MrMineNCraft - game mechanic design
Zanaten - modeling
SneakyElephant - general help

    CriiNge - general helpRESERVED

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    Out of the Water

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Posted 15 February 2011 - 01:29 PM

awesome if you finish it like explained =D :D



    Tree Puncher

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Posted 15 February 2011 - 01:30 PM

This looks awsome cant wait fpr Beta Release :D



Posted 15 February 2011 - 01:40 PM

Have my babies.



    Iron Miner

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Posted 15 February 2011 - 02:24 PM

Awsome so excited to 1st release!

Check out my Texture :D

Posted Image Posted Image

Or Visit my dragon!



Posted 15 February 2011 - 02:57 PM

hahaha Orni you're a Monster yourself...
figures it wouldnt take you long til you start makin a mod ;D
but it looks amazingly fun and could drag me back to MH =)
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Posted 15 February 2011 - 04:19 PM

BuriTheStoic said:

hahaha Orni you're a Monster yourself...
figures it wouldnt take you long til you start makin a mod ;D
but it looks amazingly fun and could drag me back to MH =)
Buri ? xD
Yeah, you know me. Eventually I have to code something for this game.

Also, thanks for all the positive replies.

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Posted 15 February 2011 - 08:19 PM

Posted Image

Here is a first idea about the Alpha item trees.
Since I plan to make three different raptor-like monsters (blue/green/red) I also plan three weapon paths for them. They will be the easiest new weapons to craft. You can improve them with materials of the small-boss variant of the according raptor tribe. Eventually they are all upgradeable into a final variant with some very rare materials.
The three upgrades for the leather armor follow the same idea - most probably I'll also make a final variant.

The other paths are of the first (Kut-Ku-like) boss wyvern mob. The final variants are alternatively craftable in between rare materials of the normal species or of materials of the rare subspecies.

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Posted 15 February 2011 - 08:31 PM

let me just say, i get adrenaline fighting monsters, but not when they surprise me in caves, this is perfect i want it
Shit happens, so do creepers.


  • Minecraft: Kipras9

Posted 15 February 2011 - 08:41 PM

Minecraft and monster hunter. Two my favourite games.You should do support tag.Good luck!

Posted Image
Posted ImagePosted Image
FrozenOrange  aka FrozeN9 aka Kipras9 :P. FrozeN9 uses for everything.Kipras9 my old nick that sometimes i mistake and do Kipras9 (damn, did that on minecraft).FrozenOrange for forums :P



Posted 15 February 2011 - 08:45 PM

Hmmm... I think this is the mod I wanted, bosses and item trees. Good luck on this one!



Posted 15 February 2011 - 08:48 PM

FrozenOrange said:

Minecraft and monster hunter. Two my favourite games.You should do support tag.Good luck!

Good idea - I'll make one tomorrow so make sure to get it

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    Obsidian Miner

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Posted 15 February 2011 - 08:50 PM

I like the ideas. Nice sprites btw. Good luck on this, my friend.
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Posted 15 February 2011 - 08:51 PM

Is an erection an appropriate response?
as a good rule of thumb, you should ALWAYS read the first page of any thread, before you post.



Posted 15 February 2011 - 08:52 PM

mysteriono said:

Have my babies.

Also, this.
as a good rule of thumb, you should ALWAYS read the first page of any thread, before you post.



Posted 15 February 2011 - 08:56 PM

I cant wait for this to be released! Is it going to be modloader compatible though?



Posted 15 February 2011 - 08:57 PM

good luck sir.. good luck
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Posted 15 February 2011 - 08:59 PM

Posted Image



Posted 15 February 2011 - 10:13 PM

ImAMiner68 said:

I cant wait for this to be released! Is it going to be modloader compatible though?
I hope that this won't be necessary since I'll develop the mod with the official API after Notch releases it.

Posted Image