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[1.4.6/1.4.7] TurtleCannon - Factions, PvP, Minigames!

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Posted 24 January 2013 - 09:10 AM

Welcome to TurtleCannon!

Server IP:


Random server screenshots:


We are currently running off of 3GB RAM, this will be upgraded once people start donating, depending on how much we receive!

This server is primarily a PvP Factions server based in the US, although the owners are Australians we still chose the US for player-based reasons.

There are also mini-games on this server!
Some include Team Deathmatch, Parkour, Spleef, Zombie Survival and there will soon be a Hunger Games arena!

There are many plugins on TurtleCannon, and even more yet to be installed!
Why is that mentioned? Simple! Because once the server starts getting enough people, we will be taking suggestions on what plugins we should add for game play reasons.

We are doing this because we want the community to be as involved as humanly possible when it comes to deciding the future of the server.

The general server rules are simple and are as follow:

FACTIONS General Rules (FRR)-

-You must not build in the immediate area around /spawn, doing so ruins the terrain for other players. Any (obtrusive) bases found next to spawn will be rolled back.

-You are not allowed to invite someone to your faction with the intention of getting them stuck in a death trap.

-You are not allowed to join a faction with the intention to give away base coords.

-An addition to above, you are not allowed to join a faction with the intention of stealing of grieving.

FACTIONS Raid Rules (FFR)-

-Raids are considered illegal unless conducted by 3+ players!
(This means that when you create a faction, you cannot simply just run around to every other faction and raid them when your by yourself. You need to team up and have at least 3 players on your side. The enemy player count does not matter.)

-When raiding, you may use any force necessary to gain access to all those goodies. HOWEVER, you must not kill a faction-less player unless you were attacked first.

General Server Rules (GSR)-

-No spamming.

-No hacking.

-No glitching.

-No grieving.
(With the exception of faction-related chaos.)

We have TeamSpeak3!

Our Website:

Extra Info:
We also use BuyCraft! (See in-game)

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Posted 25 January 2013 - 01:10 AM

Its an awesome server with no lag YAY Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image