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[1.4.7][Private Modpack][TS3][24 Slots][Much More!] Solar Realms - The Australian Tech Server

modded 1.4.7 solar realms australian private modpack captainscar suranis

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Posted 24 January 2013 - 05:58 AM

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Whitelisting is currently: OPEN

Modpack used: PRIVATE

NEW WORLD! Whitelisting is back in action! Feel free to apply again!

Read the forum post before applying. Also, please send us an email at [email protected] to attempt for our whitelist. TS IP is voice.solar-realms.com

Solar Realms is a Feed the Beast server that uses all of the mods in the FTB Pack, We're currently looking for as many skilled, kind and awesome members that we can find! Once we get a player base on the server, we will set up events and competitions such as: Super Dense Ore Ages for extremely limited times (15 minutes to half an hour), Competitions, Build-offs and much, much more! We will set up an Feed The Beast map age for everyone to compete on once the map is released.


  • Friendly Australian Community
  • 24 slots
  • Private Modpack
  • Server Mode: Hard
  • Community Events
  • Teamspeak 3
  • Dedicated Machine
  • Spawn City






  • Only Admins can make Mystcraft Ages

  • Don't touch spawn without an Admins (Captainscar's) permission

  • Please build at least 50 blocks away from spawn, unless it's for public use, then it can be up to 20 blocks away, and don't worry too much about aesthetics, if you want one of the admins to make it nicer looking, just ask. As long as you provide the machines, we'll build the structure.

  • Please limit your machines to what you need, Please don't ruin the mods for the rest of us with your superautomatic-crafting-machine-that-crafts-everything-in-the-game V2.1.5

  • Don't abuse the mods, if you're caught abusing a glitch in the mods, you'll be warned, but if you do it again, you'll be banned.

  • Griefing, Stealing and Hacking are all out of the question
Our new spawn which will be expanded and used by players.

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Whitelist Application

When applying for Whitelist via Email make sure to use the topic "Player Name's" Whitelist Application

To apply for Solar Realms' Whitelist, please send an email to [email protected], you can also post in the Forum Thread, but take note that the emails will be checked more often.

If you do not use the topic shown above, or do not give us any images. You WILL be rejected for whitelist, however, you have three chances to show us why you should join.

Whitelisting format




Why do you want to join?

Show us some of your work! An Image or a video will work fine!

Server Details

IP: Will be given to users who have been accepted.


Slots: 25

Teamspeak 3 IP: Voice.Solar-Realms.com



Hope to see you on Solar Realms!


Head Architect and Admin of Solar Realms

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