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Dragonfire Chronicles Suvival/RP - need RPF theme Builder and players

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Posted 24 January 2013 - 05:55 AM

My new server is up and running, its hosted on FPSHost, it is 6gb and 200 slot. Should be more than enough starting out =P

This server right now is survival mostly while I config and add new plugins and while I build the world. New players are welcome, but you will need to fill out a very simple whitelist application on our forums here: http://dfchronicles.enjin.com/

This whitelist is in place (for now) to keep out morons and grifers as much as possible, since most are too lazy to fill out even a simple whitelist. I already have x-ray death, logblock, worldguard, automatic locked chests, etc in place, and all work perfectly.

This week I will be updating the forums and building stuff in game, and working on setting us up on server listings to advertise mostly.

I have ONE slot open for moderator at this time, more will be added as needed. Once you join you can talk to me about it in person, but mostly I am opening it up tonight for regular survival players.

Roleplay elements will be added later this week and will be completely optional. If you have no interest to roleplay it will not effect your survival play at all.

To builders reading this: I am in need of one or two GOOD builders. You will be left alone to build your own area but proof of past builds will be required. Freedom of builds is what I can offer, I wont nitpick every damn thing (maybe a few little things) but mostly you can build as you want, as long as you build fun and exciting rpg themed areas. Cities, dungeons, all are welcome. If your interested in being a builder please post samples of your work here, or a server I can go to to visit your builds. I can also load schematics of YOUR builds if required, but the file can not be too large or it will crash server.

So come on by and check us out today, have any questions leave me here or on our forums.



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