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Looking for a small (max 20 players) private vanilla Minecraft server with 17+ year old Minecrafters

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Posted 22 January 2013 - 08:37 PM

Me and my girlfriend watch a lot of mindcrack on youtube and would love if we could get into a server like that where it's vanilla minecraft and has the ability of griefing but of course no one does because we would all trust each other. In other words we don't want all these plugins for locking a plot of land as our home or something. We want a plain minecraft server that runs 24/7 and is private so there aren't more than maybe 20 people that way the world lasts a long time. We just would love to have a group of friends to play minecraft with and then eventually play mods and other servers together as a group because it would be a lot of fun. If anyone has a server like this already we would love to join it. I would play it more than her because she has school but our ages are 18 and 19 and we've been playing minecraft for about almost a year and we know basically everything except potions are aren't my strong suit. Anyway if any server admins would like to add us we would play as often as we can and I myself would try to play almost every day. If you want to know our personality we are not serious and dull people. We like to have fun but can be serious when we have to be like when fighting the Wither and in The End. Anyway I think it'd be really cool so look us up. Our minecraft names are xxxHitman21xxx and Amaerlia.

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